Universal Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

Job benefit 4 letters PERK
One might be sleepaway 4 letters CAMP
Comply with 4 letters OBEY
Fruit served na tigela 4 letters ACAI
City east of Santa Barbara 4 letters OJAI
Cut back 5 letters PRUNE
The Pyramid of Khufu is the largest one by volume 4 letters TOMB
I’m impressed! 4 letters DAMN
They turn litmus paper red 5 letters ACIDS
*In a way that relates to vision? (note letters 3-5 in this clue’s answer) 12 letters OPERATICALLY
Car dealer’s offering 5 letters LEASE
Dedicated lines 3 letters ODE
___ Another Day 3 letters DIE
*Ambulance initials (letters 3-7) 8 letters EMPHASES
Descendants 6 letters SCIONS
Low digit? 3 letters TOE
How adorable! 3 letters AWW
Accutane target 4 letters ACNE
*Place for food storage? (letters 2-4) 9 letters PAGEANTRY
Delhi wrap 4 letters SARI
Deli bread 3 letters RYE
Who me? 3 letters MOI
Uses crayons 6 letters COLORS
*Unkind? (letters 3-6) 8 letters METERMAN
Language used at Gallaudet University 3 letters ASL
About me blurb 3 letters BIO
Take in new info 5 letters LEARN
Make special effort and a theme hint 12 letters PUTINTHETIME
Regimen for injured athletes 5 letters REHAB
Boring 4 letters BLAH
Bit in a fall pile 4 letters LEAF
Mosque leaders 5 letters IMAMS
Largest city in Norway 4 letters OSLO
Bad to the bone 4 letters EVIL
Match makers? 4 letters SETS
App with restaurant reviews 4 letters YELP
Audition tape 4 letters DEMO
Congratulatory touch maybe 3 letters PAT
The Name of the Rose writer Umberto 3 letters ECO
LA NFLer 3 letters RAM
Put the ___ on (stop) 6 letters KIBOSH
What’s broken when it’s cracked? 4 letters CODE
A bit cracked 4 letters AJAR
First word for some babies 4 letters MAMA
It’s spotted in Westerns 5 letters PINTO
Jaws boat 4 letters ORCA
Use as a foundation 7 letters BUILDON
Football field boundary 7 letters ENDLINE
Enthusiastic response to a proposal 6 letters YESYES
Indy front-runner? 7 letters PACECAR
Podded plant 3 letters PEA
Driver’s license and others 3 letters IDS
Permit 3 letters LET
Funnyman Philips 3 letters EMO
Mimic 3 letters APE
What old sofas do 3 letters SAG
Woolly female 3 letters EWE
Group generating a lot of buzz? 5 letters SWARM
Like some freezer-burned items 3 letters ICY
Ace 3 letters PRO
Modern lodging options 7 letters AIRBNBS
Bill ___ the Science Guy 3 letters NYE
Vietnamese Lunar New Year 3 letters TET
What’re you gonna do about it!? 7 letters SOSUEME
Hot stuff slangily 7 letters ALLTHAT
UFC sport 3 letters MMA
Crew need 3 letters OAR
Cozy lodging 3 letters INN
Midcalf pants 6 letters CAPRIS
Canine command 3 letters SIT
Street in a horror franchise 3 letters ELM
Staggered 6 letters REELED
Goody! 5 letters OHBOY
Big name in pet food 4 letters IAMS
Apart from that 4 letters ELSE
Like tales that are hard to believe 4 letters TALL
Chain that sells links? 4 letters IHOP
Night before a holiday 3 letters EVE
Intention 3 letters AIM
Progressive pitcher 3 letters FLO

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