Universal Crossword November 25 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword November 25 2021 Answers:

Goad 4 letters SPUR
Fragrant bloomer that’s often purple 5 letters LILAC
No longer ajar 4 letters SHUT
Acapulco abode 4 letters CASA
Fear of Flying novelist Jong 5 letters ERICA
Tuesday dinner item perhaps 4 letters TACO
Like fine wine or cheese 4 letters AGED
Become narrower 5 letters TAPER
Societal woes 4 letters ILLS
Combat site doctors 6 letters MEDICS
Texas home of America’s Team 6 letters DALLAS
Housing complex unit 5 letters CONDO
Same here 5 letters DITTO
Org. for Ashleigh Barty and Naomi Osaka 3 letters WTA
___ appetit! 3 letters BON
Sense of self 3 letters EGO
Govt. broadcast regulator 3 letters FCC
It’s inside a tire 3 letters AIR
*Place to find a legend 7 letters CITYMAP
Not even close 3 letters FAR
Shoot the breeze 4 letters TALK
Attach as a ribbon 5 letters TIEON
Like many trees in winter 4 letters BARE
Girl Scout group 5 letters TROOP
Holy smokes! 3 letters MAN
Viral videos e.g. 5 letters MEMES
Fill with turkey stuffing etc. 7 letters SATIATE
Grinning symbols 7 letters SMILEYS
Letter before omega 3 letters PSI
Silent speech syst. 3 letters ASL
*Place to find a legend 11 letters BOOKOFMYTHS
Fava or lima morsel 4 letters BEAN
Pulsate 5 letters THROB
Remove unceremoniously 4 letters OUST
Like the Sahara’s climate 4 letters ARID
Its airport code is ORD 5 letters OHARE
Docking site 4 letters PIER
Pied Piper’s targets 4 letters RATS
They’re saved for a windy day 5 letters KITES
Stick around 4 letters STAY
Phishing scheme e.g. 4 letters SCAM
Sheet in a calendar 4 letters PAGE
*Place to find a Legend 10 letters USEDCARLOT
AM/FM device 5 letters RADIO
I’m game! 8 letters LETSDOIT
Golden yrs. income source for many 3 letters IRA
Place to apply Blistex 3 letters LIP
Blackjack card 3 letters ACE
Sweater that opens down the front 8 letters CARDIGAN
Elevation device in a flood-prone area 5 letters STILT
*Place to find a legend 10 letters HALLOFFAME
Sch. with a Mighty Bruins fight song 4 letters UCLA
Throw gently 4 letters TOSS
Squawk on the Street network 4 letters CNBC
Perched on 4 letters ATOP
Arriving as scheduled 6 letters ONTIME
Angels & ___ (Dan Brown novel) 6 letters DEMONS
Electrical power units 5 letters WATTS
Pageant winner’s crown 5 letters TIARA
Hero singer Mariah 5 letters CAREY
Pungent salad green 5 letters CRESS
Affirmative in the House 3 letters YEA
Backyard fish habitats 8 letters KOIPONDS
Hotel baggage helpers 8 letters BELLHOPS
El ___ Texas 4 letters PASO
Niagara Falls spray 4 letters MIST
Popular video-sharing app 6 letters TIKTOK
Indefinite answers 6 letters MAYBES
Worms and flies e.g. 4 letters BAIT
Fancy seeing you here! 4 letters OHHI
Greek house for short 4 letters FRAT
Additional amount 4 letters MORE
Diamonds or clubs 4 letters SUIT
___ exam (aspiring attorney’s hurdle) 3 letters BAR
Historical period 3 letters ERA
Squid’s place 3 letters SEA
Give it a whirl 3 letters TRY

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