Universal Crossword November 24 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword November 24 2022 Answers:

Tree tapped for sap 5 letters MAPLE
Gross! 3 letters UGH
Angela Merkel has one in quantum chemistry 3 letters PHD
Northeastern New Jersey county 5 letters ESSEX
Three: Prefix 3 letters TRI
Sound from a lion or a Mustang 4 letters ROAR
*Turkey wings but not turkey legs 9 letters WHITEMEAT
Thai dish served with peanut sauce 5 letters SATAY
Utter disdain 5 letters SCORN
Harm 6 letters DAMAGE
Ice sheet 4 letters FLOE
*They share a living room 10 letters SUITEMATES
Is this heaven? No it’s ___ (Field of Dreams) 4 letters IOWA
Informal attempt 4 letters STAB
Word of warning 4 letters DONT
Quick drawing 6 letters SKETCH
One Happy Island in the Caribbean 5 letters ARUBA
With 34- 36- and 37-Across ulterior motive … or a hint to the word concealed in each starred clue’s answer 3 letters HID
Wolf pup’s home 3 letters DEN
Get along in years 3 letters AGE
Confidentiality doc 3 letters NDA
No worries! 5 letters ITSOK
Noted podcast that splits stories across episodes 6 letters SERIAL
Some are loose-leaf 4 letters TEAS
Tough hike 4 letters TREK
Automaker Ferrari 4 letters ENZO
*It’s never dull! 10 letters EXCITEMENT
For fear that 4 letters LEST
Grouse quietly 6 letters MUTTER
Outstanding balance? 5 letters POISE
Amazon ___ Video 5 letters PRIME
*Evidence of vampire attacks 9 letters BITEMARKS
High woodwind 4 letters OBOE
Picnic pest 3 letters ANT
Business as ___ 5 letters USUAL
Taxpayer ID 3 letters SSN
Small dosage amts. 3 letters MGS
Estelle of The Golden Girls 5 letters GETTY
Kitty’s hello 3 letters MEW
Wood used in bats 3 letters ASH
Inflation letters? 3 letters PSI
Dinner’s ready! 7 letters LETSEAT
C-suite VIP 4 letters EXEC
First home? 6 letters UTERUS
Gelato alternative 7 letters GRANITA
Smash 3 letters HIT
One may be mashed 6 letters POTATO
With 38-Down ice-cream brand whose name conceals a thematic bonus 6 letters HAAGEN
Most arid 6 letters DRYEST
Wyndham hotel chain 6 letters RAMADA
Nov. and Dec. 3 letters MOS
Diane’s lover on Cheers 3 letters SAM
Works the glitches out of 6 letters DEBUGS
Pescatarian protein 4 letters FISH
Shape-shifting Norse god 4 letters LOKI
Had an outstanding balance 4 letters OWED
Educated author Westover 4 letters TARA
Summer hrs. in St. Paul 3 letters CDT
Hawthorne heroine Prynne 6 letters HESTER
Garden drone e.g. 3 letters BEE
Just what you’d expect 4 letters NORM
One four ___ sixteen … 4 letters NINE
See 10-Down 4 letters DAZS
Tons 4 letters ALOT
Are you noticing this too? 6 letters ISITME
Not letting go of 7 letters KEEPING
Let go of 7 letters RELEASE
Presto and lento 6 letters TEMPOS
Where many commutes start 6 letters EXURBS
It’s done 6 letters ACTION
___ Berry Farm 6 letters KNOTTS
Golf prop 3 letters TEE
Even score 3 letters TIE
Like a know-it-all 4 letters SMUG
(Pow!) 3 letters BAM
Dull groove 3 letters RUT
Follower of Kit or Krazy 3 letters KAT
Sneaky 3 letters SLY

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