Universal Crossword November 24 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword November 24 2021 Answers:

Enchanted girl in a 2004 film 4 letters ELLA
Airship that may feature a message 5 letters BLIMP
Assist with a heist e.g. 4 letters ABET
Detective’s need 4 letters LEAD
Judy star Zellweger 5 letters RENEE
Oversized part of a monster truck 4 letters TIRE
*Person on a rant? (Theme hint: Note the first word of each starred clue’s answer) 10 letters MADSPEAKER
Scans done in tubes: Abbr. 4 letters MRIS
Word before or after blue 3 letters SKY
Corrective eye surgery 5 letters LASIK
Lavishes affection (on) 5 letters DOTES
Clay who sang Invisible 5 letters AIKEN
Mascara site 4 letters LASH
Holdings 6 letters ASSETS
*Awesome snare? 7 letters RADTRAP
Magical charm 6 letters FETISH
Repayment promises 4 letters IOUS
Rumpus 3 letters ADO
Iliad war god 4 letters ARES
Already consumed 5 letters EATEN
Cut it out! 4 letters STOP
Become torn 3 letters RIP
Trees with needles 4 letters FIRS
Dorks 6 letters DWEEBS
*NFL rusher who’s also an official? 7 letters REFBACK
Window-shop 6 letters BROWSE
Presidential assistant 4 letters AIDE
Says something catty? 5 letters MEOWS
Pancake often served with applesauce 5 letters LATKE
Teacher’s summons 5 letters SEEME
Letters in a university’s URL 3 letters EDU
Tennis great Arthur 4 letters ASHE
*Some bejeweled table-tennis equipment? 10 letters KAYPADDLES
Wedding cake layer 4 letters TIER
Welcome at the door 5 letters GREET
Dot on an ocean map 4 letters ISLE
Orecchiette pasta’s namesake body parts 4 letters EARS
Poets 5 letters BARDS
Catches on to 4 letters GETS
Trees that line streets 4 letters ELMS
Pipe problem 4 letters LEAK
Disney dog 4 letters LADY
Some contain coupons 3 letters ADS
Crack a joke at a party say 11 letters BREAKTHEICE
Rents 6 letters LEASES
Shade with a pen 5 letters INKIN
Submissive 4 letters MEEK
The p in rpm 3 letters PER
Maximally 6 letters ATMOST
What new babies grow? 10 letters BIRTHRATES
Buffalo’s lake 4 letters ERIE
___ of the D’Urbervilles 4 letters TESS
Toilet paper layers 5 letters PLIES
Big name in root beer 4 letters DADS
No returns 4 letters ASIS
Loading zones? 11 letters LAUNDROMATS
Cliffside nest 5 letters AERIE
Parent in a certain blended family 10 letters STEPFATHER
Future fish 3 letters ROE
Hacienda brick 5 letters ADOBE
Noises that balloon artists dread 4 letters POPS
Jamie of M*A*S*H 4 letters FARR
The I in TGIF 3 letters ITS
Biblical boat 3 letters ARK
Puts in stitches 4 letters SEWS
Grow dim 4 letters FADE
Amazed 5 letters WOWED
Cyclists 6 letters BIKERS
Sounded like a smoke detector 6 letters BEEPED
Veep protagonist Selina 5 letters MEYER
After curfew 4 letters LATE
Where Uzbekistan is 4 letters ASIA
Singer Bareilles 4 letters SARA
Besides that 4 letters ELSE
Military press muscle informally 4 letters DELT
A Swiss army knife has lots of them 4 letters USES
Cold War spy grp. 3 letters KGB
Archaeological site 3 letters DIG

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