Universal Crossword November 22 2020 Answers

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Universal Crossword November 22 2020 Answers:

They may update automatically 4 letters APPS
Happy Himalayan’s sound 4 letters PURR
Greeting from Kermit 4 letters HIHO
Allegation 5 letters CLAIM
Quartet minus one 4 letters TRIO
Abbr. at the end of a list 4 letters ETAL
Really useful 10 letters HANDYDANDY
1970 Kinks classic 4 letters LOLA
Make beloved 6 letters ENDEAR
Let up 7 letters EASEOFF
Caribbean and Mediterranean 4 letters SEAS
Fed. fiscal agency 3 letters OMB
Civil Rights Memorial designer Maya 3 letters LIN
Place to keep horses 12 letters LIVERYSTABLE
Formal requirement? 8 letters WHITETIE
Author Harper 3 letters LEE
Flows like oil 5 letters SEEPS
Call ___ day 3 letters ITA
Customary 5 letters USUAL
Friend 3 letters PAL
Provided commentary as for a documentary 8 letters NARRATED
Military construction expert perhaps 12 letters ARMYENGINEER
Velshi on MSNBC 3 letters ALI
Decryption org. 3 letters NSA
Lhasa ___ 4 letters APSO
Through the roof 7 letters SKYHIGH
Crow’s activity 6 letters CAWING
Certain sandwich cookie 4 letters OREO
Big bowlful of stew perhaps 10 letters HEARTYMEAL
Fodder holder 4 letters SILO
Gift-wrapping supply 4 letters TAPE
Mother-of-pearl (CRANE anagram) 5 letters NACRE
Deadly Egyptian biters 4 letters ASPS
Put your foot down? 4 letters STEP
Call for 4 letters NEED
Hurts all over 5 letters ACHES
2D surface 5 letters PLANE
It eats shoots and leaves 5 letters PANDA
Skid horizontally 8 letters SIDESLIP
Grp. that may discuss online classes 3 letters PTA
Ashes holder 3 letters URN
Fair attraction 4 letters RIDE
Kansas City baseball team 6 letters ROYALS
Capital of Montana 6 letters HELENA
Langston Hughes poem whose title precedes sing America 4 letters ITOO
11 for 22 4 letters HALF
Minnesota’s St. ___ College 4 letters OLAF
Case of the Ex singer 3 letters MYA
Worked for Uber 5 letters DROVE
Meet like Congress 3 letters SIT
Doling (out) 6 letters METING
Great place to live? 7 letters BRITAIN
TGIF part 3 letters ITS
Pines (for) 6 letters YEARNS
Water color 4 letters BLUE
Be the captain of 4 letters LEAD
Electric ___ (shocking fish) 3 letters EEL
Have on 4 letters WEAR
Captain’s place 4 letters HELM
Massage venue 3 letters SPA
Where Dubai is briefly 3 letters UAE
Intentionally misrepresented logical proposition 8 letters STRAWMAN
Change chemically 5 letters REACT
Gulliver’s Travels brutes 6 letters YAHOOS
Former quarterback Manning 3 letters ELI
Times when most owls hunt 6 letters NIGHTS
One of 1000 in some puzzles 5 letters PIECE
Trap 5 letters SNARE
Looked at creepily 5 letters OGLED
1998 NL MVP Sammy 4 letters SOSA
___ Kringle 4 letters KRIS
Cry from an injured boxer? 4 letters YELP
Make warm 4 letters HEAT
Writer Rand 3 letters AYN
Orangutan for one 3 letters APE
Single situp say 3 letters REP

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