Universal Crossword November 21 2020 Answers

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Universal Crossword November 21 2020 Answers:

Stuff in potatoes 6 letters STARCH
Like Pinocchio originally 6 letters WOODEN
In rows and columns 7 letters TABULAR
Raider Nation for instance 7 letters FANBASE
Inverse trig function 7 letters ARCSINE
Easy chair go-with 7 letters OTTOMAN
Cars that aren’t green 7 letters GASHOGS
Monetary inflow 7 letters REVENUE
Roman river 5 letters TIBER
That ___ easy! 3 letters WAS
Perfect 5 letters IDEAL
Hip-hop’s ___ Def 3 letters MOS
Sign as a contract 3 letters INK
It stops near the Eiffel Tower 5 letters METRO
Holiday ___ (hotel chain) 3 letters INN
Made something scary 15 letters CREATEDAMONSTER
On edge 5 letters TESTY
Pallid 5 letters ASHEN
Daisy relative 5 letters ASTER
Palindromic sister 3 letters NUN
A wedding cake may have many 5 letters TIERS
Longtime Game of Thrones network 3 letters HBO
Baboon or bonobo (circle this answer’s second letter [the only in the grid] for a bonus) 3 letters APE
Colonial insect 3 letters ANT
Street hustler’s ploy as depicted in this grid 15 letters THEOLDSHELLGAME
Parks in civil rights history 4 letters ROSA
Stage remark 5 letters ASIDE
Bio that lists living relatives 4 letters OBIT
The Kite Runner protagonist 4 letters AMIR
Narrates 5 letters TELLS
Bone next to a radius 4 letters ULNA
Lake near Las Vegas 4 letters MEAD
Van Gogh hangout hidden in earless 5 letters ARLES
Concert souvenirs for short 4 letters TEES
One way to go to prom 4 letters STAG
Skater Lipinski 4 letters TARA
They contain the sequence s t u 4 letters ABCS
Word before hour or order 4 letters RUSH
Advertising award 4 letters CLIO
Punt measurement 8 letters HANGTIME
Napoleon’s undoing 8 letters WATERLOO
Currently airing 4 letters ONTV
Bassoon’s higher cousin 4 letters OBOE
___ with faint praise 4 letters DAMN
Jacob tricked him 4 letters ESAU
The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Leakes 4 letters NENE
Lived 7 letters RESIDED
57-Across’s location 7 letters FOREARM
Testing stage for an app 4 letters BETA
They transport electricity 5 letters WIRES
Operating room number? 10 letters ANESTHESIA
You may do an ollie with it 10 letters SKATEBOARD
What some overcommitted people have a fear of 10 letters MISSINGOUT
Under consideration 10 letters ONTHETABLE
Mocking look 5 letters SNEER
Initials on a Windy City bus 3 letters CTA
Alps region 5 letters TYROL
Regarding birth 5 letters NATAL
ICU figures 3 letters RNS
Egypt’s second president 6 letters NASSER
Like a hard battle 6 letters UPHILL
Constantly pester 6 letters NEEDLE
Disneyland transport 4 letters TRAM
Starter ___ (first house) 4 letters HOME
Numbers to crunch 4 letters DATA
Like -12 vis-a-vis 37 4 letters LESS
Grumpy workplace? 4 letters MINE
H’s in sorority names 4 letters ETAS

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