Universal Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

True statement 4 letters FACT
Improvise in jazz 4 letters VAMP
Strongly suggests 5 letters URGES
___ vera gel 4 letters ALOE
Scandinavian furniture store 4 letters IKEA
Medieval Scandinavian language 5 letters NORSE
*What studying many pages makes you good at? 9 letters WEBDESIGN
Old-timey chalkboard material 5 letters SLATE
Code Switch network 3 letters NPR
Totenberg or Simone 4 letters NINA
Alternative to a ballpoint 6 letters GELPEN
U.S. Poet Laureate Joy 5 letters HARJO
Wipe clean 5 letters ERASE
*Chores assigned by a spouse collectively 11 letters HONEYDOLIST
Irk 5 letters ANNOY
Closing musical passage 4 letters CODA
Miley Cyrus’ musical sister 4 letters NOAH
Chest muscle informally 3 letters PEC
Bicycle brand 7 letters SCHWINN
Bert and Ernie e.g. 3 letters DUO
___ the night before … 4 letters TWAS
Move like sap 4 letters OOZE
Make a speech 5 letters ORATE
*Tool with inch marks 11 letters TAPEMEASURE
April payments 5 letters TAXES
Stevie of Fleetwood Mac 5 letters NICKS
42-Down calls 6 letters CHIRPS
Not that? 4 letters THIS
Haven’t yet paid 3 letters OWE
Archaeological city in Jordan 5 letters PETRA
Words of encouragement that also hint at each starred answer’s start 9 letters STICKTOIT
Mete out 5 letters ALLOT
Jane ___ 4 letters EYRE
Priority Mail org. 4 letters USPS
Ejects forcibly 5 letters SPEWS
Treble for flute music 4 letters CLEF
___/them pronouns 4 letters THEY
Bambi for one 4 letters FAWN
Hebrew letter before bet 5 letters ALEPH
Serpentine yoga pose 5 letters COBRA
___ Talks 3 letters TED
Eyesight 6 letters VISION
Related (to) 4 letters AKIN
Humongous: Prefix 4 letters MEGA
Word after frying or pie 3 letters PAN
Steam open say 6 letters UNSEAL
Arrives like fog 7 letters ROLLSIN
Drink that might turn your tongue purple 9 letters GRAPESODA
East of Spain? 4 letters ESTE
I feel ___ and heard! 4 letters SEEN
Delights in 6 letters ENJOYS
(That was corny!) 5 letters GROAN
Greek P 3 letters RHO
Circular currents 6 letters EDDIES
Reverberates 6 letters ECHOES
Holy guacamole! 5 letters YOWZA
Stretched tight 4 letters TAUT
Like the name Joe for a barista 3 letters APT
Little salamander 4 letters NEWT
One of 11 for the UConn women’s basketball team 9 letters NCAATITLE
Tool stored near a shovel 3 letters HOE
Tags along 5 letters COMES
Completely safe 6 letters NORISK
Bird with a house variety 7 letters SPARROW
Parks and ___ (2009-15 TV show informally) 3 letters REC
Americans living abroad for short 6 letters EXPATS
Youth-assisting org. 6 letters UNICEF
___ ball (toy with strands) 5 letters KOOSH
Make a choice on Tinder 5 letters SWIPE
Pros at 49-Across 4 letters CPAS
Rescue me! 4 letters HELP
Texter’s Bye for now! 4 letters TTYL
Bring on board 4 letters HIRE
Site with handmade Mother’s Day gifts 4 letters ETSY
Just a ___! 3 letters SEC
Chiding syllable 3 letters TUT

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