Universal Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Stage after larva 4 letters PUPA
Measures in an old Tootsie Pop ad 5 letters LICKS
The Winner Takes It All band 4 letters ABBA
Bedroom poster figure say 4 letters IDOL
Oscar of The Last Jedi 5 letters ISAAC
Wood strip 4 letters SLAT
What you’re standing on (see the middle 4 letters in this answer) 10 letters SOLIDEARTH
Writer Vonnegut 4 letters KURT
Defib expert 3 letters EMT
Softball stat 3 letters RBI
Heat shield? 4 letters MITT
Shellfish sometimes swallowed whole 6 letters OYSTER
Grammy winner ___ Lipa 3 letters DUA
Red sauce ingredient (middle 3 letters) 11 letters TOMATOPASTE
Unable to sit still 5 letters ANTSY
Prime Video’s company 6 letters AMAZON
___-chic 4 letters BOHO
Animal with a forked tongue 5 letters SNAKE
Fight about the dishes perhaps 4 letters TIFF
Catlike 6 letters FELINE
Black-and-white bear 5 letters PANDA
It connects the Atlantic and Pacific (middle 3 letters) 11 letters PANAMACANAL
Word before bod or joke 3 letters DAD
Lagasse of New Orleans cuisine 6 letters EMERIL
Adjust as a radio 4 letters TUNE
Dashboard device: Abbr. 3 letters GPS
Drag behind 3 letters TOW
MeatZZa company 7 letters DOMINOS
Nothing ___ than perfect 4 letters LESS
Complain loudly (middle 4 letters) 10 letters MAKEASTINK
Toledo’s lake 4 letters ERIE
They’re just not good 5 letters EVILS
Titillating 4 letters RACY
Oh man! 4 letters GEEZ
Coped (with) 5 letters DEALT
Word in a shoppe name 4 letters OLDE
Italian city with a famous tower 4 letters PISA
Japanese wheat noodles 4 letters UDON
Know-it-all? 8 letters POLYMATH
Suspect’s story 5 letters ALIBI
Wasn’t straight with 6 letters LIEDTO
Brit’s Goodness me! 4 letters ISAY
Vehicle on a ferry 3 letters CAR
Comedian McKinnon 4 letters KATE
Work the room 8 letters SCHMOOZE
With It’s a well-known fact! 3 letters ASK
Utters impulsively 6 letters BLURTS
Wager over lager say 6 letters BARBET
It’s often formal at a wedding 6 letters ATTIRE
Eccentric 5 letters DOTTY
Wager for lager maybe? 4 letters TYPO
___ Ana 5 letters SANTA
Bit of gel 3 letters DAB
Game with Wild cards 3 letters UNO
In a frenzy 5 letters MANIC
JennAir alternative 5 letters AMANA
Occupied 5 letters TAKEN
Until now 5 letters SOFAR
Weaved downhill on skis 8 letters SLALOMED
Refusing to accept something 8 letters INDENIAL
Vaccine-approving org. 3 letters FDA
Grapefruit diet e.g. 3 letters FAD
Release 4 letters EMIT
Fruits that flavor some Japanese liqueurs 5 letters PLUMS
Certain artificial limb 6 letters PEGLEG
Watt per volt 6 letters AMPERE
Loch monster familiarly 6 letters NESSIE
Raise your glasses … 6 letters ATOAST
Dragster fuel briefly 5 letters NITRO
Slight curl in long hair 4 letters WAVE
Small hollow 4 letters DELL
Readable with a laser 4 letters ONCD
Scottish isle where a terrier originated 4 letters SKYE
Utters informally 3 letters SEZ
Seoul-based Soul maker 3 letters KIA

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