Universal Crossword May 17 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword May 17 2023 Answers:

Glasgow native 4 letters SCOT
___: Resurrection (2003 film about a rapper) 5 letters TUPAC
Hairstyle for Questlove 4 letters AFRO
Rescuer of animal pairs 4 letters NOAH
In any way shape or form 5 letters ATALL
Sweat spheroid 4 letters BEAD
Result of overexertion maybe 4 letters ACHE
Martial art with swords 5 letters KENDO
Out of danger 4 letters SAFE
Pillowy seats: Var. 7 letters POUFFES
Night lights? 7 letters AURORAS
They in French 3 letters ILS
Ctrl-Alt-___ 3 letters DEL
Why you little … 6 letters SONOFA
Like income tax returns 6 letters ANNUAL
Astronomical explosions 5 letters NOVAE
Eisenhower’s nickname 3 letters IKE
You’re going down! 5 letters ITSON
Cain’s victim 4 letters ABEL
Victorious gesture 5 letters VSIGN
Como ___ usted? 4 letters ESTA
Company with Zombie Strike toys 4 letters NERF
Golden song 5 letters OLDIE
Catherine ___-Jones 4 letters ZETA
Bruins great Bobby 3 letters ORR
Chant at a futbol match 3 letters OLE
Intro to Paulo 3 letters SAO
Long long time 3 letters EON
Hard-to-define glow 4 letters AURA
Veer 4 letters TURN
Travels in style 7 letters JETSETS
Streakers in the night sky 7 letters METEORS
Leave off a list 4 letters OMIT
Words of clarification 5 letters IMEAN
What might be taken in protest 4 letters KNEE
Wine in Italian 4 letters VINO
Exercise that stretches the hamstrings 5 letters LUNGE
Sicilian mountain 4 letters ETNA
Cogito ___ sum 4 letters ERGO
___ on (goaded) 5 letters EGGED
The Y of YSL 4 letters YVES
Lose it 4 letters SNAP
Pixar film set in Mexico 4 letters COCO
Most populous Hawaiian island 4 letters OAHU
*March Madness quartet (Hint: At the end of each starred clue’s answer read clockwise) 9 letters THEFINALF
*Goes on a short break 6 letters TAKESF
Beehive State natives 4 letters UTES
Frying implement 3 letters PAN
Alan of M*A*S*H 4 letters ALDA
*State of euphoria 6 letters CLOUDN
*Theoretical coldest point 9 letters ABSOLUTEZ
Be afraid of 4 letters FEAR
Tennis great Nadal familiarly 4 letters RAFA
Their titles often contain to a 4 letters ODES
Sheet of ice 4 letters FLOE
Painter Guido whose surname appears in serenity 4 letters RENI
Not drunk 5 letters SOBER
Lending too much credit? 10 letters OVERRATING
Store walkway 5 letters AISLE
Backing or a mythological shield 5 letters AEGIS
Infomercial product label 10 letters ASSEENONTV
Game with a jackpot 5 letters LOTTO
Teeny: Prefix 4 letters NANO
Child 3 letters KID
Palindromic Indian bread 4 letters NAAN
Subject to sudden swings 8 letters VOLATILE
Tidied (up) 8 letters NEATENED
Catan mineral 3 letters ORE
Umpire’s call 3 letters OUT
We agree! 5 letters USTOO
Change as a lock 5 letters REKEY
Chief Roman deity 4 letters JOVE
Persian Gulf leader 4 letters EMIR
Self-congratulatory 4 letters SMUG
Ancient spell caster 4 letters MAGE
Philosopher Descartes 4 letters RENE
Black and Red 4 letters SEAS
The E of OED: Abbr. 3 letters ENG

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