Universal Crossword May 16 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword May 16 2023 Answers:

Bob or bun 6 letters HAIRDO
Greek god of desire 4 letters EROS
First of the five W’s 3 letters WHO
Commotion 6 letters UPROAR
Kitten’s cry 4 letters MEWL
Payment promise 3 letters IOU
Low-growing plants 11 letters GROUNDCOVER
Snack mix morsel 3 letters NUT
Herbal tea flavor 4 letters MINT
Enjoy a home-cooked dinner say 5 letters EATIN
Disorganized jumble 4 letters MESS
Ernie who won two U.S. Opens 3 letters ELS
Curie who won two Nobel Prizes 5 letters MARIE
Zap with a focused beam 4 letters LASE
Hornet’s cousin 12 letters YELLOWJACKET
Baby that hoots 5 letters OWLET
Initial development 5 letters ONSET
Life-altering line at the altar 3 letters IDO
___ benefit (perk) 6 letters FRINGE
You’re way off base! 6 letters WRONGO
Close friend in slang 3 letters FAM
Steal This Book author Hoffman 5 letters ABBIE
No more thanks 5 letters IMSET
Riveting 12 letters SPELLBINDING
Not guilty say 4 letters PLEA
Gunky buildup 5 letters GRIME
Avocado toast topper 3 letters EGG
Switch companion 4 letters BAIT
Canine companion 5 letters POOCH
Purple boba flavor 4 letters TARO
End of UNICEF’s URL 3 letters ORG
Some helpers on the Hill 11 letters SENATEPAGES
To the ___ degree 3 letters NTH
Pre-owned 4 letters USED
Flight to sleep on 6 letters REDEYE
All the News That’s Fit to Print paper briefly 3 letters NYT
Workplace bigwig 4 letters BOSS
Thinly populated 6 letters SPARSE
Candy heart message to embrace? 5 letters HUGME
Black Women’s History Month 5 letters APRIL
Golfers’ alternatives to woods 5 letters IRONS
Major defeat 4 letters ROUT
Castellaneta of The Simpsons 3 letters DAN
Grueling experience 6 letters ORDEAL
Joy or jealousy 7 letters EMOTION
Yelp blurbs 7 letters REVIEWS
Wilson of Zoolander 4 letters OWEN
Camera type briefly 3 letters SLR
Bacchanalia bags 9 letters WINESKINS
Casino’s advantage over bettors 9 letters HOUSEEDGE
Ways of escaping 4 letters OUTS
Monte ___ 5 letters CARLO
PC alternative 3 letters MAC
Annual Manhattan celebrity fundraiser 7 letters METGALA
Barracks toilet 7 letters LATRINE
It’s spent in Sapporo 3 letters YEN
Yom Kippur observer 3 letters JEW
Play as a horn 4 letters TOOT
Trade-___ (concessions) 4 letters OFFS
End-of-filming shindig 9 letters WRAPPARTY
Center of attention 9 letters LIMELIGHT
Draw away from shore 3 letters EBB
Texter’s Holy moly! 3 letters OMG
They get away in fish stories 7 letters BIGONES
Beginnings of progress 7 letters INROADS
Formal decree 5 letters EDICT
Do-over in badminton 3 letters LET
She has all my love 6 letters IMHERS
Champing at the bit 5 letters EAGER
___ Anatomy 5 letters GREYS
Check it out for yourself! 5 letters GOSEE
Beethoven’s German birthplace 4 letters BONN
Washington D.C. : dollar :: Mexico City : ___ 4 letters PESO
Cry made with a flourish 4 letters TADA
Teaching temp 3 letters SUB
Word before rally or talk 3 letters PEP

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