Universal Crossword May 15 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword May 15 2023 Answers:

Founded: Abbr. 3 letters EST
Copies 4 letters APES
Amy of Disenchanted 5 letters ADAMS
I’ve seen better 3 letters MEH
What Luke Skywalker wore over his prosthetic hand 5 letters GLOVE
2:1 e.g. 5 letters RATIO
Fury 3 letters IRE
Planets where some sci-fi tales are set 11 letters ALIENWORLDS
Sci-fi writers’ awards or clouds in space 7 letters NEBULAS
Cubes in craps 4 letters DICE
Burden 4 letters ONUS
Sticky stuff 3 letters GOO
Small watercrafts 6 letters SKIFFS
Chill out 4 letters REST
Canine coat? 6 letters ENAMEL
Debtor’s letters 3 letters IOU
Drags from behind 4 letters TOWS
Actress Spelling 4 letters TORI
… ay there’s the ___ (Hamlet) 3 letters RUB
Detest 5 letters ABHOR
Soup with a Hanoi style 3 letters PHO
Swerves 5 letters VEERS
Neither’s partner 3 letters NOR
Shrunken Asian sea 4 letters ARAL
Cohort born during COVID informally 4 letters GENC
Lao-tzu’s way 3 letters TAO
Less significant 6 letters PUNIER
Pooches 4 letters DOGS
Words of confession 6 letters ITWASI
Bird that swallows large pebbles to aid in digestion 3 letters EMU
Currency in Germany 4 letters EURO
Big Apple fashion inits. 4 letters DKNY
Bit of an optometrist’s solution 7 letters EYEDROP
Google’s search algorithm or Coca-Cola’s formula 11 letters TRADESECRET
Remote batteries 3 letters AAS
___ of the ball 5 letters BELLE
Blender sounds 5 letters WHIRS
Wildebeest 3 letters GNU
Go undefeated in a tournament 5 letters SWEEP
Lone 4 letters SOLE
Medium strength?: Abbr. 3 letters ESP
Key related to G major 6 letters EMINOR
Peaceful 6 letters SERENE
Betray literally? 11 letters THEBUSTHROW
Whom G-rated movies are for 7 letters ALLAGES
Deadly substance 6 letters POISON
The E of NYE 3 letters EVE
Texting button 4 letters SEND
Be unaware of current events literally? 9 letters AROCKLIVE
Would it be too bold of me? 5 letters DAREI
Delta hub in Ga. 3 letters ATL
Prefix with night or day 3 letters MID
Palindromic plea 3 letters SOS
Gadot of Death on the Nile 3 letters GAL
None the ___ 5 letters WISER
So are we! 5 letters USTOO
Perjure oneself literally? 7 letters OATHLIE
Immense bravery literally? 11 letters FIRECOURAGE
Number of leaves on a lucky clover 4 letters FOUR
Some are footlongs 4 letters SUBS
Cow noise 3 letters MOO
Wait to reveal literally? 9 letters WRAPSKEEP
2016 Rihanna album 4 letters ANTI
Banana ___ (sunscreen brand) 4 letters BOAT
Word after saute or sauce 3 letters PAN
Finished 5 letters ENDED
The remains of Machu Picchu e.g. 5 letters RUINS
Swiss cheese used in French onion soup 7 letters GRUYERE
Chef Lagasse 6 letters EMERIL
Reacts to a dad joke maybe 6 letters GROANS
Absorbs as gravy 6 letters SOPSUP
Confuse 5 letters ADDLE
Trees used for bows 4 letters YEWS
UFO beings 3 letters ETS
Conan channel until 2021 3 letters TBS
FF’s opposite on a VCR 3 letters REW
Brew that may be brown 3 letters ALE
Comedian Margaret 3 letters CHO

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