Universal Crossword May 14 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword May 14 2023 Answers:

Instruments that can be heard up to five miles away 5 letters GONGS
Japanese soup paste 4 letters MISO
Old film channel 3 letters TCM
Unwilling toddler’s whine 10 letters IDONTWANNA
Blacken 4 letters CHAR
One is heard but not seen 10 letters VOICEACTOR
It’s trapped in a dryer 4 letters LINT
Type tyop instead of typo say 3 letters ERR
Quiver insert 5 letters ARROW
Make a loan 4 letters LEND
Husky’s bowlful 4 letters ALPO
Really weird 6 letters FREAKY
Crossword clues essentially 5 letters HINTS
Marathon for one 8 letters FOOTRACE
Marina space 5 letters BERTH
Belgrade natives 5 letters SERBS
Comic’s joke 3 letters GAG
Popped up 5 letters AROSE
Kit ___ bar 3 letters KAT
Game akin to bingo 5 letters BEANO
Kylo ___ (Darth Vader’s grandson) 3 letters REN
Huffs but not puffs 5 letters SNITS
Great Lakes people 5 letters ERIES
Cutting rooms? 8 letters KITCHENS
Facial features that may be double 5 letters CHINS
Like parties and curveballs 6 letters THROWN
Before long 4 letters SOON
Got bigger 4 letters GREW
British Columbia neighbor 5 letters YUKON
Acrobat’s safeguard 3 letters NET
Sticky stuff 4 letters GOOP
Imaginary box above home plate 10 letters STRIKEZONE
Expense paid in advance 4 letters RENT
Crude stockpile 10 letters OILRESERVE
Find a function for 3 letters USE
What’s left of the map? 4 letters WEST
Makeshift sleds from a dining hall 5 letters TRAYS
Donate to Americares say 4 letters GIVE
Feature of stinky tofu 4 letters ODOR
The Big Sleep genre 4 letters NOIR
Rival of The Vitamin Shoppe 3 letters GNC
Really shine on stage 12 letters STEALTHESHOW
Prefix meaning large 5 letters MACRO
Passionate about 4 letters INTO
Cold war shelters 9 letters SNOWFORTS
It steers a dragon boat 3 letters OAR
Bad idea! 10 letters THINKAGAIN
Sweet treats hung on a Christmas tree 10 letters CANDYCANES
The A-Team actor with a mohawk 3 letters MRT
Bends out of shape 5 letters WARPS
Translucent 5 letters CLEAR
We should face the facts … 12 letters LETSBEHONEST
Red or black insects 4 letters ANTS
Seriously overcharge 3 letters ROB
Statement before starting something 10 letters HEREITGOES
Ruler’s seat in A Song of Ice and Fire 10 letters IRONTHRONE
Accomplishments 5 letters FEATS
They might clash in a boardroom 4 letters EGOS
Sound from a pound 4 letters BARK
Thin piece of neckwear 9 letters SKINNYTIE
The Boys actress Moriarty 4 letters ERIN
Fresh out of the box 3 letters NEW
Moved stealthily 5 letters CREPT
Singer Sam played by Leslie Odom Jr. in One Night in Miami… 5 letters COOKE
Alternative to pants 5 letters SKIRT
Addresses with dots 4 letters URLS
Romance novelist Roberts 4 letters NORA
Green with ___ 4 letters ENVY
Pegs at a driving range 4 letters TEES
Despicable Me villain 3 letters GRU
Female hedgehog or pig 3 letters SOW
Gen ___ (person born in 2000 e.g.) 3 letters ZER

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