Universal Crossword May 13 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword May 13 2023 Answers:

Japanese grill 7 letters HIBACHI
___-mo 3 letters SLO
Now or never! 10 letters LASTCHANCE
Ages and ages 4 letters EONS
Suitable for any season 10 letters ALLWEATHER
With in French 4 letters AVEC
Airport safety org. 3 letters TSA
Girl Scout cookies with peanut butter 7 letters DOSIDOS
Brooding rock style 3 letters EMO
Copper-coated coin 4 letters CENT
Attempt most likely to succeed 8 letters BESTSHOT
Jekyll’s alter ego 4 letters HYDE
Profile pic 3 letters AVI
Vowel-shaped wig type 5 letters UPART
Mark your calendar! 11 letters SAVETHEDATE
Playful river critter 5 letters OTTER
Sheeplike 5 letters OVINE
Eatery with slingers and hash 11 letters GREASYSPOON
Flies high 5 letters SOARS
Sign of summer 3 letters LEO
Channel that airs NHL games 4 letters ESPN
Kind of massage with rocks 8 letters HOTSTONE
Summer Night painter Salvador 4 letters DALI
Big fuss 3 letters ADO
Passes by as time 7 letters ELAPSES
Swanson who said Crying: Acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon 3 letters RON
Home to Curiosity and Perseverance 4 letters MARS
2021 video game made only for cooperative play 10 letters ITTAKESTWO
Cat’s pupil in bright light 4 letters SLIT
Sounds like a you problem 10 letters NOONECARES
2 funny! 3 letters LOL
Settled into a cuddle puddle 7 letters NESTLED
Singer who recited A Story Like Mine at the 2018 Women’s March 6 letters HALSEY
Remote setting for a reality dating show 6 letters ISLAND
Incidentally in a text 3 letters BTW
Got a perfect score on 4 letters ACED
Rosalind of Mulan 4 letters CHAO
Sombreros e.g. 4 letters HATS
Hold back 7 letters INHIBIT
Caribbean ___ 3 letters SEA
Complicated as a relationship 8 letters LOVEHATE
Almost done! 7 letters ONEMORE
Start a nursing session 5 letters LATCH
Give up control of 4 letters CEDE
Aphrodite’s son 4 letters EROS
Paper towel brand whose name rhymes with blot 5 letters SCOTT
Place to practice pottery 6 letters STUDIO
Perfume samples 7 letters TESTERS
Bridged 7 letters SPANNED
Broad roads: Abbr. 4 letters AVES
Thank you ___ much 4 letters VERY
One little bite 6 letters ATASTE
Optimistic feeling 4 letters HOPE
Cooking acronym whose last letter stands for oil 4 letters EVOO
Sacred choral piece 8 letters ORATORIO
Primatologist Jane 7 letters GOODALL
Thought about for a day say 7 letters SLEPTON
Fancy pillow covers 5 letters SHAMS
No Exit playwright 6 letters SARTRE
Cleared of snow 6 letters PLOWED
Spanish boys 5 letters NINOS
This Is Us director Ken 4 letters OLIN
Intl. alliance based in Belgium 4 letters NATO
Levelheaded 4 letters SANE
Just makes with out 4 letters EKES
Spinoff group 4 letters SECT
Mo. birthplace of Maya Angelou 3 letters STL
Name hidden in Rosalind 3 letters SAL

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