Universal Crossword May 12 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword May 12 2023 Answers:

Artsy workspace 4 letters LOFT
Horse : foal :: cow : ___ 4 letters CALF
Share as gossip 4 letters DISH
Journalist Klein 4 letters EZRA
Diaper cream ingredient 4 letters ALOE
Be Prepared for Scouts BSA 5 letters MOTTO
The biscuits were so-so but that was some seriously ___. 9 letters GOODGRAVY
Omar in the House 5 letters ILHAN
Quaint lodging 3 letters INN
Go bankrupt in Monopoly e.g. 4 letters LOSE
Using the internet 6 letters ONLINE
Downloadable lecture 7 letters TEDTALK
SAG-AFTRA e.g. 5 letters UNION
And that pie! A delicious crust and ___! 12 letters GREATPUMPKIN
Felt sorry for 6 letters PITIED
Apt name for a florist? 4 letters ROSE
Snowden grp. 3 letters NSA
Fat chance! 4 letters ASIF
Epiphany mo. 3 letters JAN
Male foal 4 letters COLT
Cooking spray brand 3 letters PAM
Tar or sap 4 letters GOOP
Fries quickly 6 letters SAUTES
I loved the pasta. So much flavor in that ___. 12 letters AWESOMESAUCE
___ point (center of attention) 5 letters FOCAL
Lowly laborers 7 letters DRUDGES
Pay a visit 6 letters CALLON
No idler 4 letters DOER
Type of theater company for short 3 letters REP
Halle Bailey’s 2023 princess role 5 letters ARIEL
But the fruit platter was the best of all. Choice grapes and a ___. 9 letters TOPBANANA
Where sunflowers grow 5 letters FIELD
Help build a pot? 4 letters ANTE
Long poem like the Mahabharata 4 letters EPIC
Whoa chill out! 4 letters EASY
Hey you! in a library 4 letters PSST
What a fun slide! 4 letters WHEE
Genuine informally 5 letters LEGIT
Atmospheric shield 5 letters OZONE
Palm plant part 5 letters FROND
Smidge 3 letters TAD
Sang Silent Night say 7 letters CAROLED
State bordering the Yukon 6 letters ALASKA
Romeo’s emotion 4 letters LOVE
Tina in Megamind 3 letters FEY
Serving of whipped cream 6 letters DOLLOP
You’re quite mistaken! 9 letters ITHINKNOT
Name found in cast anchor 4 letters STAN
Sharpen as a blade 4 letters HONE
Dr. Evil’s small clone 6 letters MINIME
Furious look 5 letters GLARE
Unpleasant duty 4 letters ONUS
Hyped for the weekend! 4 letters TGIF
Atop 4 letters UPON
Pest control devices 5 letters TRAPS
Shipwreck’s site say 4 letters ISLE
D.C. ballplayers 4 letters NATS
Bearded Smurf 4 letters PAPA
___ Mommy Kissing Santa Claus 4 letters ISAW
The years go by so fast! 9 letters TIMEFLIES
A Coen brother 4 letters JOEL
Prompted 4 letters CUED
Disappear as a trail 6 letters GOCOLD
Sultanate near Yemen 4 letters OMAN
Definite winner 7 letters SUREBET
Lexus competitor 5 letters ACURA
Exclusively 6 letters SOLELY
Sponsors as a highway 6 letters ADOPTS
Scatterplot e.g. 5 letters GRAPH
___ Meenie (2010 pop single) 5 letters EENIE
Word after personal or parking 5 letters SPACE
Bistro 4 letters CAFE
Pavarotti performance 4 letters ARIA
Mafia bosses 4 letters DONS
Apt letters missing from _ _vern s_out 3 letters TAP
Just hired 3 letters NEW

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