Universal Crossword March 6 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword March 6 2021 Answers:

The Three Musketeers author 5 letters DUMAS
Estimate the price of 5 letters VALUE
Taste of wine 3 letters SIP
Foolish 5 letters INANE
Presses in the laundry room 5 letters IRONS
Fancy notebooks? 3 letters PCS
Change the direction of one’s somersault? 11 letters SWITCHAFLIP
Install as carpet 3 letters LAY
Related to motion 7 letters KINETIC
Golf gimme 5 letters TAPIN
NBC comedy show 3 letters SNL
NYC home of Carrie Mae Weems prints 4 letters MOMA
Like a fruitcake 5 letters NUTTY
Recolored 4 letters DYED
What two sculpture gallery curators may do? 9 letters MOVEABUST
Clippers star Williams 3 letters LOU
Smoked salmon 3 letters LOX
Zoomed along 4 letters SPED
Doubt some yoga instruction? 13 letters QUESTIONAPOSE
Corporate ladder step 4 letters RUNG
Do something 3 letters ACT
Opposite of max. 3 letters MIN
Determine the correct coverlet size? 9 letters FITATHROW
Frittata ingredients 4 letters EGGS
John Wick actor Reeves 5 letters KEANU
Saint Laurent of fashion 4 letters YVES
Permit 3 letters LET
Bantu-speaking group in Rwanda 5 letters TUTSI
Squad dressed in red white and blue 7 letters TEAMUSA
Heart test briefly 3 letters ECG
Worry about time off? 11 letters SWEATABREAK
Cheerleader’s syllable 3 letters RAH
Mountain inn 5 letters LODGE
Community of flora and fauna 5 letters BIOME
Field with landscapes 3 letters ART
Come in 5 letters ENTER
Ed of Elf 5 letters ASNER
Data storage devices 5 letters DISKS
Take it easy after a hard day 6 letters UNWIND
For the most part 6 letters MAINLY
Texas Hold’em stake 4 letters ANTE
Splinter group 4 letters SECT
Company that merged with CBS 6 letters VIACOM
Husky Hello? 3 letters ARF
u r so funny! 3 letters LOL
One may be named for a physicist 4 letters UNIT
Seville’s nation in Seville 6 letters ESPANA
Separations 8 letters SPLITUPS
You’re blocking my view! 8 letters ICANTSEE
One-named K-pop star 3 letters PSY
The guy I’m pointing at 3 letters HIM
British bar tune 7 letters PUBSONG
___ cocktail (explosive device) 7 letters MOLOTOV
Mascara brand 4 letters AVON
Since Jan. 1 3 letters YTD
Ingenious and simple as a proof 7 letters ELEGANT
Cinco – tres 3 letters DOS
Major event on a syllabus 4 letters EXAM
Wyoming neighbor 4 letters UTAH
Train area where talking is rude 8 letters QUIETCAR
Not covered at school 8 letters UNTAUGHT
Flo Rida hit whose title is sung before just a little 4 letters ICRY
Easy dessert? 3 letters PIE
60s A.G. who was a president’s brother 3 letters RFK
Small fight 6 letters TUSSLE
Like Seattle vis-a-vis Phoenix 6 letters WETTER
Affix with paste 6 letters GLUEON
Seedy bagel option 6 letters SESAME
Neptune’s domain 3 letters SEA
Selfish sort 5 letters TAKER
Victorious shout 4 letters IWON
Palindromic ’70s supergroup 4 letters ABBA
Diagnostic hosp. scans 4 letters MRIS
Timeline segment 3 letters ERA
August hrs. in Augusta 3 letters EDT
Sit in a cellar perhaps 3 letters AGE

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