Universal Crossword March 24 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword March 24 2023 Answers:

I’m open to all questions online 3 letters AMA
Prioritized at a hospital 7 letters TRIAGED
Do a background check on 3 letters VET
See 17-Across 3 letters RAG
Character in debt to Jabba the Hutt 7 letters HANSOLO
Go wrong 3 letters ERR
*Ride with a soft fabric roof 11 letters CONVERTIBLE
Beam of light 3 letters RAY
Cookie created as an imitation of Hydrox 4 letters OREO
Fed. tax agency 3 letters IRS
Sounds from an off-leash dog park 4 letters ARFS
Really likes 6 letters ISINTO
See 29-Across 3 letters LAP
Slyly shy 3 letters COY
*Workstation in a coffee shop maybe 8 letters COMPUTER
Loser to scissors 5 letters PAPER
Word before pants or Sun 5 letters CAPRI
Water cooler? 3 letters ICE
About a week ___ … 3 letters AGO
Gimme a piece of that action! 7 letters IWANTIN
Boyo 3 letters LAD
See 47-Across 3 letters LOW
Sensitive spots 5 letters SORES
Secluded valleys 5 letters GLENS
*They don’t cover ankles 8 letters SNEAKERS
Did we have to hear that?! 3 letters TMI
Decade divs. 3 letters YRS
The Social Network actress Song 6 letters BRENDA
Women’s grp. that tries to avoid hazards 4 letters LPGA
Drag show wrap 3 letters BOA
See 62-Across 4 letters DESK
Weeding tool 3 letters HOE
*Software program that doesn’t run on phones or the web 11 letters APPLICATION
Podcaster’s income sources 3 letters ADS
Set sail 7 letters GOTOSEA
Wintry commercial prefix 3 letters SNO
For sure! 3 letters YES
Devices for making uniform gaps 7 letters SPACERS
Ran into 3 letters MET
Gas brand hidden in solar collector 4 letters ARCO
Indigenous New Zealander 5 letters MAORI
Director Varda 5 letters AGNES
Not just a 3 letters THE
Factor in a trading card’s price 6 letters RARITY
First track on an album maybe 5 letters INTRO
Without changes 4 letters ASIS
Goopy clump 3 letters GOB
Trip singer Mai 4 letters ELLA
Take-charge type 4 letters DOER
Like someone with many talents 9 letters VERSATILE
Stat calculated over nine innings 3 letters ERA
Take a chance 3 letters TRY
___ actor (cartoon line reader) 5 letters VOICE
Seasonal illness 3 letters FLU
Like the safest investment 6 letters NORISK
Praline nut 5 letters PECAN
Peppermint candy shapes 5 letters CANES
Decides (to) 4 letters OPTS
Med. diagnostic scan 3 letters MRI
Send a text 6 letters PINGME
Cincinnati team 4 letters REDS
Buds 4 letters PALS
Excruciating torment 5 letters AGONY
Unable to prevent something 9 letters POWERLESS
Quarterback Derek 4 letters CARR
___ is me! 3 letters WOE
Swiss chocolatier 5 letters LINDT
Egyptian cobra 3 letters ASP
Lost package inquiry 6 letters TRACER
Capital of Idaho 5 letters BOISE
Rationalist’s belief 5 letters DEISM
In unison 5 letters ASONE
Comedian’s bits 4 letters GAGS
Each colloquially 4 letters APOP
Voting coalition 4 letters BLOC
Massage target 4 letters KNOT
Pasture-ized food? 3 letters HAY
Poetic praise 3 letters ODE
K-12 fundraising grp. 3 letters PTA
Two-year degs. 3 letters AAS

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