Universal Crossword March 19 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword March 19 2023 Answers:

Trailer hookup 5 letters HITCH
Tennis star Gauff 4 letters COCO
A short time? 3 letters SEC
Nebraska’s biggest city 5 letters OMAHA
Moby Dick’s pursuer 4 letters AHAB
Real Salt Lake’s state 4 letters UTAH
Powell and Coeur d’Alene for two 5 letters LAKES
Apple assistant 4 letters SIRI
Fraction of a math book? 4 letters PAGE
Corp. bigwig 4 letters EXEC
Wearing footwear 4 letters SHOD
IRS submission method 5 letters EFILE
Coming 2 America prince 5 letters AKEEM
Arranged neatly 7 letters INORDER
Form a concept 6 letters IDEATE
Prefix for second or technology 4 letters NANO
Arab noblemen 5 letters EMIRS
Meg of You’ve Got Mail 4 letters RYAN
First part of most resumes 4 letters NAME
Bed cover 5 letters DUVET
Snakelike fish 3 letters EEL
Play the banjo 5 letters STRUM
Made haste 4 letters SPED
NFL Live channel 4 letters ESPN
Decide that you will 5 letters OPTTO
Imperfection 4 letters FLAW
Like a messy bed 6 letters UNMADE
This is close to my bedtime! 7 letters ITSLATE
Hogwash! 5 letters MYEYE
Hello in Mandarin 5 letters NIHAO
Dear ___ (advice column) 4 letters ABBY
Shopping center 4 letters MALL
Character who asked Buzz Aldrin if the people on the moon were friendly 4 letters ALIG
Raison d’___ 4 letters ETRE
Alabama march site 5 letters SELMA
Signature collector’s tools 4 letters PENS
Dos Equis product 4 letters BEER
60 minutes past 00:00 5 letters ONEAM
Give it a go 3 letters TRY
Undergarments that might be convertible 4 letters BRAS
Razor sharpener 5 letters STROP
Old sock annoyance 4 letters HOLE
Large format at the theater 4 letters IMAX
Lose intentionally 9 letters TAKEADIVE
*Finish line sights 14 letters CHECKEREDFLAGS
What ___ gotten into you? 3 letters HAS
*Soft winter wear 15 letters CASHMERESWEATER
Cedar Point’s state 4 letters OHIO
*They’re used for counting quantities 15 letters CARDINALNUMBERS
___-Wan Kenobi 3 letters OBI
Straight-laced 5 letters STAID
It beats (or might eat!) a birdie 5 letters EAGLE
Root (for) 5 letters CHEER
Request for some preorders … or what you can find in the answers to the starred clues 14 letters UPFRONTPAYMENT
Theatrical scenery 3 letters SET
Long period of time 3 letters EON
Dawn direction 4 letters EAST
Granny to a Brit 3 letters NAN
You awake yet? response 4 letters IMUP
Newspaper VIPs 3 letters EDS
You got it 3 letters YEP
One making money with other people’s work? 9 letters ARTDEALER
Sound-off button 4 letters MUTE
Punk offshoot 3 letters EMO
A portion of 4 letters SOME
Nosh on 3 letters EAT
Southeast Asian language 3 letters LAO
Red Sox archrival on scoreboards 3 letters NYY
Hardly suitable 5 letters INAPT
Bathroom floor worker 5 letters TILER
Like polished jewelry 5 letters SHINY
La ___ Tar Pits 4 letters BREA
ur so funny 4 letters LMAO
Lava ___ (retro fixture) 4 letters LAMP
Flow out 3 letters EBB
ABBA song with the words Nothing else can save me 3 letters SOS

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