Universal Crossword March 18 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword March 18 2023 Answers:

Bloke 4 letters CHAP
15 minutes could save you … insurer 5 letters GEICO
Stereotypical tattoo dedicatee 3 letters MOM
Polygraph 11 letters LIEDETECTOR
Battery variety 3 letters AAA
First quarters? 11 letters STARTERHOME
Capitals’ and Senators’ grp. 3 letters NHL
Place for lox 4 letters DELI
Corp. leader 3 letters CEO
Avoid like the ___ 6 letters PLAGUE
Attorney’s org. 3 letters ABA
Rene of The Thomas Crown Affair 5 letters RUSSO
This is harder than you’d think OK?! 14 letters ITSNOTTHATEASY
Sun in Spanish 3 letters SOL
Make bubbly 6 letters AERATE
Term of address that elides a d 4 letters MAAM
Native people in Utqiagvik Alaska 5 letters INUIT
Works such as Yayoi Kusama’s Pumpkin sculpture 3 letters ART
Diacritic that indicates nasalization in Portuguese 5 letters TILDE
Throw or fling 4 letters TOSS
Places to roll on the floor laughing 6 letters AISLES
Knight’s title 3 letters SIR
How much is this gonna set us back? 14 letters WHATSTHEDAMAGE
Arches and Zion for two 5 letters PARKS
Indignation 3 letters IRE
17-syllable poems 6 letters HAIKUS
Section of a play 3 letters ACT
Like some wine and cheese 4 letters AGED
Sick 3 letters ILL
Forceful warning 11 letters DONTYOUDARE
Fish eggs 3 letters ROE
Sweet parts of jams? 11 letters GUITARSOLOS
UFO pilots 3 letters ETS
Director Coen 5 letters ETHAN
Flock females 4 letters EWES
Mention in a footnote 4 letters CITE
Become well 4 letters HEAL
Name yelled by Rocky in Rocky 6 letters ADRIAN
Word before project or hair 3 letters PET
Actor/Tibetan rights activist Richard 4 letters GERE
Reverberate 4 letters ECHO
Who am ___ judge? 3 letters ITO
Calculate 7 letters COMPUTE
End of a threat 6 letters ORELSE
Fruity dip 10 letters MANGOSALSA
Hawaiian island where it rained for 331 consecutive days in 1939-’40 4 letters OAHU
Like rams and bulls 4 letters MALE
Drug that some take microdoses of 3 letters LSD
Corona alternative 6 letters TECATE
Same for me 5 letters ASAMI
Ferry or dinghy 4 letters BOAT
Shake up 6 letters RATTLE
That true? 4 letters ISIT
As of yet 5 letters TONOW
Stacks at a publishing house 10 letters SLUSHPILES
Black hair brown eyes etc. 6 letters TRAITS
Like an intense winter 5 letters HARSH
Feel me? 5 letters YADIG
___ mortals 4 letters MERE
Wicked Game singer Chris 5 letters ISAAK
Ruler who lived in Russia’s Winter Palace 4 letters TSAR
Proposes a date to 7 letters ASKSOUT
Employee at a publishing house 6 letters EDITOR
Move through deep mud 6 letters TRUDGE
Where sheep graze 6 letters MEADOW
Employ 4 letters HIRE
Tons 4 letters ALOT
Naan flour 4 letters ATTA
Printer’s blue-green color 4 letters CYAN
Wind that may be an eight on the Beaufort scale 4 letters GALE
Archer of myth 4 letters EROS
___ Moines 3 letters DES
Vaccine research org. 3 letters NIH
Employ 3 letters USE

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