Universal Crossword June 29 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword June 29 2022 Answers:

Cruel smile 5 letters SNEER
Makes a pick 4 letters OPTS
Folk singer Guthrie 4 letters ARLO
Parallel Mothers director Almodovar 5 letters PEDRO
___ talk (honest conversation) 4 letters REAL
Stink 4 letters REEK
Elite crew 5 letters ATEAM
Tracy Chapman vocally 4 letters ALTO
Bike selection 4 letters GEAR
AOL rival 3 letters MSN
23andMe competitor 11 letters ANCESTRYDNA
Persnickety 4 letters ANAL
The Little Mermaid collectible 3 letters CEL
Go by as time 4 letters PASS
Four-sided dice e.g. (Note the last 3 letters of this answer + the start of 34-Down) 10 letters TETRAHEDRA
Go by as time 6 letters ELAPSE
Jane ___ 4 letters EYRE
Shofar horn source 3 letters RAM
Semper Fidelis composer 5 letters SOUSA
Prop for a ball 3 letters TEE
Haim of Licorice Pizza 5 letters ALANA
Fish kissed in Newfoundland 3 letters COD
Conceited 4 letters VAIN
Farmers market sights 6 letters STANDS
Advice lead-in 10 letters IFIWEREYOU
Acts lovey-dovey 4 letters COOS
Reddit Q&A 3 letters AMA
Work space 4 letters DESK
… but no less (Last 4 letters + the end of 53-Down) 11 letters ATTHELOWEST
Woman in Progressive ads 3 letters FLO
Word before a blank or the line 4 letters DRAW
Steamy resorts 4 letters SPAS
One may be forwarded 5 letters EMAIL
Vibe 4 letters AURA
Grin’s ends 4 letters EARS
Smoothed as a sand trap 5 letters RAKED
Gym shorts material 4 letters MESH
___ mater 4 letters ALMA
Has to have 5 letters NEEDS
Inbox annoyance 4 letters SPAM
Clears after taxes 4 letters NETS
Starter home? 4 letters EDEN
Part of BCE 3 letters ERA
Like Mercury or Venus (First 4 letters + the start of 21-Across) 5 letters ROMAN
Prophet 6 letters ORACLE
One-named soccer legend 4 letters PELE
Pieces of body art for short 4 letters TATS
Toy racer 7 letters SLOTCAR
It has many diamonds 6 letters ARGYLE
Saxophone accessory 4 letters REED
Like low-fat meat 4 letters LEAN
Its pods go into gumbo 4 letters OKRA
Comedian Bargatze 4 letters NATE
Microwave as leftovers 6 letters REHEAT
Egyptian snakes 4 letters ASPS
Home Alone co-star Joe (Last 3 letters + the start of 47-Across) 5 letters PESCI
Standoffish 5 letters ALOOF
___ Arabia 5 letters SAUDI
Itty-bitty 5 letters TEENY
Bread that might be marbled 3 letters RYE
Cleaning product that anagrams to 33-Down 5 letters DRANO
Total stranger informally 5 letters RANDO
Build up 5 letters AMASS
Help! 6 letters SAVEME
Black ___ (dress code) 3 letters TIE
Deficiency 4 letters LACK
Shrunken Asian lake 7 letters ARALSEA
Takes legal action 4 letters SUES
Sad trombone sound 6 letters WAHWAH
Texan city supposedly named after a Ukrainian city 6 letters ODESSA
Not lenient 5 letters STERN
Spare rib supplier? 4 letters ADAM
50-50 test guess 4 letters WAHR
Does some paving 4 letters TARS
Australian gem 4 letters OPAL
Toasty 4 letters WARM
Like fair-weather friends 4 letters FAKE
Twisted the truth 4 letters LIED
12-year-___ (some tweens) 4 letters OLDS
Hollywood legend West 3 letters MAE

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