Universal Crossword June 27 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword June 27 2022 Answers:

Place to monitor mph 4 letters DASH
Kayaks and yachts 5 letters BOATS
Acronymic Swedish band 4 letters ABBA
How you might browse Netflix 4 letters IDLY
What catches some waves? 5 letters RADIO
Was dishonest 4 letters LIED
Go to the mall 4 letters SHOP
On the horizon 5 letters AHEAD
You can bet on them 4 letters ODDS
Greetings fellow gardeners! I’m happy to report that everything’s ___. 13 letters COMINGUPROSES
Soft-serve carrier 4 letters CONE
Follow behind 4 letters TAIL
Frida Kahlo portraits e.g. 3 letters ART
Dodgeball venue 3 letters GYM
Revered tribal figure 5 letters ELDER
Mad crowd 3 letters MOB
Things looked bad after I clumsily trampled my blooms. ___! 11 letters OOPSIEDAISY
Surface extent 4 letters AREA
Follow behind 5 letters TRAIL
Regard 4 letters DEEM
Luckily my replacement blooms grew in beautifully. In fact I was inspired to ___ by planting an extra row! 11 letters GILDTHELILY
Four Corners tribe 3 letters UTE
Like fuzzy bread 5 letters MOLDY
Comics squeal 3 letters EEK
No particular amount 3 letters ANY
Flashback setting 4 letters PAST
Minifigure maker 4 letters LEGO
Thanks for listening to my ___! 13 letters FLOWERYSPEECH
Head light? 4 letters HALO
Devoured 5 letters ATEUP
Shawarma bread 4 letters PITA
Teamwork obstacles 4 letters EGOS
Marsupial with two opposable thumbs per front paw 5 letters KOALA
Actor/rapper in SVU 4 letters ICET
Pout 4 letters MOPE
Key also called Return 5 letters ENTER
Swag bag 4 letters TOTE
Part of DJ 4 letters DISC
Committee type 5 letters ADHOC
Sports highlight speed at times 5 letters SLOMO
Talking up enthusiastically 6 letters HYPING
Self-promote say 4 letters BRAG
Surfers flock to its North Shore 4 letters OAHU
Skilled 5 letters ADEPT
Princess topper 5 letters TIARA
Likewise 5 letters SODOI
Burn application 4 letters ALOE
Says farewell 9 letters BIDSADIEU
Start to rock and roll 3 letters BED
Help wanted notices e.g. 3 letters ADS
So Sick singer 4 letters NEYO
Santa’s sleigh for one 4 letters SLED
Switch back to zero 5 letters RESET
Sign by a sample 5 letters TRYME
Insect drawn to a porch light 4 letters MOTH
Little fellow 3 letters LAD
Underground lava 5 letters MAGMA
Star hunter 5 letters ORION
Swan dive’s ugly relative 9 letters BELLYFLOP
Season opener? 3 letters PRE
Nickname within Swiss Alps 3 letters SAL
Trilogy’s final number 3 letters III
French magazine or pronoun 4 letters ELLE
Do sum math? 3 letters ADD
Error in an email 4 letters TYPO
Puppy’s protest 4 letters YELP
You can have that 6 letters KEEPIT
Not snoozing 5 letters AWAKE
Determined to do 5 letters SETON
Trick alternative 5 letters TREAT
Insurer with a gecko mascot 5 letters GEICO
Eight-member band 5 letters OCTET
Misplace 4 letters LOSE
___ log (Christmas cake) 4 letters YULE
Go toe-to-toe 4 letters SPAR
Dislike A LOT 4 letters HATE
Line on a sleeve 3 letters HEM
In times gone by 3 letters AGO

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