Universal Crossword June 23 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword June 23 2022 Answers:

Gender presentation that isn’t masculine 5 letters FEMME
Touches 5 letters FEELS
Reggae relative 3 letters SKA
Disney princess who grew up in Atlantica 5 letters ARIEL
Media component that’s Latin for I hear 5 letters AUDIO
Impressionist’s skill 3 letters ART
High black card 11 letters KINGOFCLUBS
Sharp humor 3 letters WIT
Takeoff guess at SFO 3 letters ETD
Do re or mi 4 letters NOTE
Homophone for 22-Down 4 letters DOSE
Auditing org. 3 letters IRS
Organization for Brownies 10 letters GIRLSCOUTS
Record spinners 7 letters DEEJAYS
Excuse for a lack of decorum or homework 7 letters ILOSTIT
Occupied as a table 5 letters SATAT
Mosque leader 4 letters IMAM
The A’s in fat cat e.g. … or three letters in ? 11 letters SHORTVOWELS
She became queen of Scotland at six days old 4 letters MARY
Flashy headwear 5 letters TIARA
Employ 7 letters UTILIZE
Trudged 7 letters PLODDED
Classic hippie van 10 letters VWMICROBUS
Rebuke in a theater 3 letters SHH
Vex 4 letters RILE
Biblical birthright seller 4 letters ESAU
Sock tip 3 letters TOE
De Armas of No Time to Die 3 letters ANA
Math problem involving the movement of a chess piece 11 letters KNIGHTSTOUR
As of now 3 letters YET
Like some coincidences 5 letters EERIE
Pick apart grammatically 5 letters PARSE
U-turn from NNW 3 letters SSE
On and on and on 5 letters NOEND
Apt rhyme for eyes 5 letters STYES
They might get you barred from bars 7 letters FAKEIDS
African nation by the Red Sea 7 letters ERITREA
Outlooks 8 letters MINDSETS
Mila’s role on Family Guy 3 letters MEG
University near Duke 4 letters ELON
There’s no denying it … 6 letters FACTIS
Mathematician known for e and i 5 letters EULER
Extension for students? 3 letters EDU
Women’s ___ 3 letters LIB
Palindrome in English and Morse code 3 letters SOS
Showed to the door 6 letters SAWOUT
Yamaguchi in a rink 6 letters KRISTI
Swear (to) 6 letters ATTEST
Old-fashioned person 4 letters FOGY
Either digit in this clue’s number in Spanish 3 letters DOS
Chauffeured ride 4 letters LIMO
Cabbage-based side 4 letters SLAW
Regain consciousness 6 letters COMETO
God to Rastafarians 3 letters JAH
Smaller than molecular 6 letters ATOMIC
Climbing vine 3 letters IVY
Motorola flip phone 4 letters RAZR
Old Palm device with an apt first syllable 4 letters TREO
Closer? 3 letters LID
Tragic tale 8 letters SADSTORY
Find a new home for 7 letters REHOUSE
Bonds (to) 7 letters ADHERES
They might make you red-faced 6 letters UVRAYS
Strong strings 6 letters TWINES
Gotta hurry! 6 letters IMLATE
What mythomaniacs do a lot 3 letters LIE
Pressed as a button 6 letters PUSHED
Aspiring J.D.’s exam 4 letters LSAT
Get rolling 5 letters BEGIN
Letters for letter carriers 4 letters USPS
Doll whose last name is Carson 3 letters KEN
The One in The Matrix 3 letters NEO
Wrath 3 letters IRE
Pic on an ankle say 3 letters TAT

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