Universal Crossword June 22 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword June 22 2022 Answers:

Bear feet 4 letters PAWS
Purple flower perhaps 4 letters IRIS
What an arbor provides 5 letters SHADE
Bickering 4 letters ATIT
Cranny’s partner 4 letters NOOK
Knighthood e.g. 5 letters HONOR
Family room seat 4 letters SOFA
Board game involving sleuthing 4 letters CLUE
Person full of tribal knowledge 5 letters ELDER
Misrepresent something say 12 letters SPINTHESTORY
Word before ball or stick 3 letters CUE
Pro at filing taxes 3 letters CPA
Ocasek of the Cars 3 letters RIC
Misrepresent something say 15 letters STRETCHTHETRUTH
Rock with metal 3 letters ORE
Korean carmaker 3 letters KIA
Stoner’s joint 6 letters DOOBIE
Gracefully flexible 5 letters LITHE
Ale tap’s site 3 letters PUB
Like Odin and Thor 5 letters NORSE
Long gone cold period 6 letters ICEAGE
One of the Bobbsey twins 3 letters NAN
Blot substance 3 letters INK
Misrepresent something say 15 letters DISTORTTHEFACTS
Didn’t stand for something? 3 letters SAT
A white one is very formal 3 letters TIE
For each 3 letters PER
Be first to report something … or what people may do if they? 12 letters BREAKTHENEWS
Reason for a beef recall 5 letters ECOLI
Hard to come by 4 letters RARE
Clarinet relative 4 letters OBOE
Find the total of 5 letters ADDUP
Over again 4 letters ANEW
With 44-Down body of water by Buffalo 4 letters LAKE
App’s audience members 5 letters USERS
Drivers’ aids? 4 letters TEES
Like blue hair 4 letters DYED
Don’t fail 4 letters PASS
Situated over 4 letters ATOP
Internet connection at a hotel 4 letters WIFI
Position for a golfer 6 letters STANCE
Under control 7 letters INCHECK
Part in a play 4 letters ROLE
Poker players’ paper promises 4 letters IOUS
Line drawing? 6 letters SKETCH
Hotel chain owned by Marriott 8 letters SHERATON
Worthy of worship 4 letters HOLY
So …? 3 letters AND
Buck’s counterpart 3 letters DOE
Make a wrong turn maybe 3 letters ERR
Tsk 3 letters TUT
Column with a point? 4 letters OPED
Set of criteria for grading 6 letters RUBRIC
That’s not the case! 6 letters ITISNT
Places for quick kisses 6 letters CHEEKS
Ice and snow but not rain 6 letters SOLIDS
One of Pat Nixon’s daughters 6 letters TRICIA
Makeup exam 6 letters RETEST
Large ball-and-socket joint 3 letters HIP
Make fun of 5 letters TAUNT
Bouncing baby in Hundred Acre Wood 3 letters ROO
Panama e.g. 3 letters HAT
They’re all about you 8 letters EGOTRIPS
Grouch’s exclamation 3 letters BAH
See 68-Across 4 letters ERIE
Jacob and Esau to Ishmael 7 letters NEPHEWS
Rip into 6 letters TEARAT
Lawyer’s charge 3 letters FEE
Traitor Benedict 6 letters ARNOLD
Put out of focus 4 letters BLUR
Citizen in a 1941 film 4 letters KANE
Apple or orange source 4 letters TREE
Website with auctions 4 letters EBAY
Socially aware 4 letters WOKE
Kernel for one 4 letters SEED
It flows in the Seine 3 letters EAU
Savings options: Abbr. 3 letters CDS
Laudatory poem 3 letters ODE

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