Universal Crossword June 22 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword June 22 2021 Answers:

Metrosexuals quaintly 4 letters FOPS
Primary 5 letters CHIEF
Whistle-blowers? 4 letters REFS
Still a competitor 4 letters INIT
Main artery 5 letters AORTA
___ Enchanted (Anne Hathaway film) 4 letters ELLA
Warrior princess played by Lucy Lawless 4 letters XENA
Leeway 5 letters SLACK
Before long 4 letters SOON
A 7 letters ANARCHY
H 7 letters HELIPAD
Lugged 5 letters TOTED
Rita’s role in West Side Story 5 letters ANITA
Letter after zeta 3 letters ETA
Drew a ring around or what each single-letter clue in this puzzle should be? 7 letters CIRCLED
Zippo 3 letters NIL
Indian American perhaps 4 letters DESI
Bike with an engine 5 letters MOPED
Years and years 4 letters AGES
C 9 letters COPYRIGHT
Revolts 6 letters REBELS
Thinking face and praying hands for two 6 letters EMOJIS
Present itself as an opportunity 5 letters ARISE
One gets stoked about a big game 3 letters FAN
Prophetic signs 5 letters OMENS
Animal such as Yona in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 3 letters YAK
Breads with pockets 5 letters PITAS
Raggedy doll 3 letters ANN
i 11 letters INFORMATION
Fruitless 7 letters OFNOUSE
Doll up like an action figure maybe 7 letters COSPLAY
Assumed names 7 letters ALIASES
Backlogs in inboxes 7 letters PILEUPS
K 6 letters KOSHER
X 6 letters CANCEL
Obsessed 7 letters FIXATED
Lacking variety 7 letters ONENOTE
Party animals perhaps? 7 letters PINATAS
Gaze 5 letters STARE
Wallet filler 4 letters CASH
Word before water or spirit 4 letters HOLY
Public radio host Glass 3 letters IRA
Use acid for art 4 letters ETCH
Phony 4 letters FAKE
Amber for one 5 letters RESIN
Running away to marry 7 letters ELOPING
Inflatable pool toy 7 letters FLOATIE
They may have thongs 7 letters SANDALS
Palindromic health agcy. 3 letters CDC
Boy 3 letters LAD
Babysitters’ nightmares 4 letters IMPS
Rogers in old Westerns 3 letters ROY
Lifesaving skill briefly 3 letters CPR
Garland symbolizing Hawaiian royalty 3 letters LEI
One of a cube’s 12 4 letters EDGE
Treats as a sore knee 4 letters ICES
It has quarks 4 letters ATOM
Adjective in the American South or a cheer in South America 3 letters OLE
Medical network grp. 3 letters HMO
A drop of golden sun 3 letters RAY
Stretch of time 3 letters ERA
Two-piece swimsuits 7 letters BIKINIS
Captain Picard or director Godard 7 letters JEANLUC
B&B relative 3 letters INN
Nine-digit ID 3 letters SSN
They get stoked at home 5 letters FIRES
One may dispense 100s 3 letters ATM
Civil rights org. since 1909 5 letters NAACP
Phony 5 letters POSER
Unlikely to show emotion 5 letters STOIC
Biblical ark builder 4 letters NOAH
Blow a ___ (flip out) 4 letters FUSE
Survivor: Panama locale in Panama 4 letters ISLA
Like an unresolved question 4 letters OPEN
Barrel-making wood 3 letters OAK
Seemingly tireless insurance spokeswoman 3 letters FLO
Gorilla for one 3 letters APE
Fashionable monogram 3 letters YSL

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