Universal Crossword June 20 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword June 20 2021 Answers:

Hey over here! 4 letters PSST
Stick (to) 6 letters ADHERE
Amateurish actor 3 letters HAM
Post-workout sensation 4 letters ACHE
Playful knuckle rub 6 letters NOOGIE
Resource in Catan 3 letters ORE
Spot for warehouse deliveries 11 letters LOADINGDOCK
Road gunk 3 letters TAR
Thinks (over) 5 letters MULLS
Pageant wrap 4 letters SASH
___ Zahara Benet first winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race 4 letters BEBE
Domain 5 letters REALM
On an even ___ 4 letters KEEL
Wide mocking smile 12 letters SARDONICGRIN
Total sty 4 letters MESS
Holy Spanish city 6 letters TOLEDO
United 3 letters ONE
Liza Minnelli vocally 4 letters ALTO
___ big fan! 3 letters IMA
Fatty tuna in Japanese cuisine 4 letters TORO
Texter’s I’ve heard enough! 3 letters TMI
Number of degrees in a right angle 6 letters NINETY
Churchgoer’s approval 4 letters AMEN
Captivating a crowd at a party say 12 letters HOLDINGCOURT
Titular woman in a Kinks hit 4 letters LOLA
Car part that may purr 5 letters MOTOR
Bete noire 4 letters BANE
Broad bean variety 4 letters FAVA
Flood protection 5 letters LEVEE
Let Me Blow Ya Mind rapper 3 letters EVE
Subtextual process for some characters or a hint to the word scrambled in 11 letters QUEERCODING
___ a pity 3 letters TIS
Wild horse 6 letters BRONCO
Golden rule preposition 4 letters UNTO
Spots that wouldn’t be missed? 3 letters ADS
Electronic instruments for short 6 letters SYNTHS
Ant in the pantry e.g. 4 letters PEST
Date or coconut producer 4 letters PALM
Scrub as a pan 5 letters SCOUR
Oil-rich mineral 5 letters SHALE
Coach in an Apple TV+ series 8 letters TEDLASSO
___ Arbor 3 letters ANN
Hounds 4 letters DOGS
Today co-host Kotb 4 letters HODA
Causes of swollen heads? 4 letters EGOS
High schooler with a Lexus perhaps 7 letters RICHKID
Cry upon seeing a mouse 3 letters EEK
Where you may see a mint on a pillow 9 letters HOTELROOM
Many an Iranian 4 letters ARAB
Trifling 4 letters MERE
Madonna’s La ___ Bonita 4 letters ISLA
Plead 3 letters BEG
Actor who said I pity the fool 3 letters MRT
Green prefix 3 letters ECO
Accomplishing 5 letters DOING
Stone head carver of Mesoamerica 5 letters OLMEC
Nifty! 5 letters NEATO
Memo opener 4 letters INRE
Gas in Vegas signs 4 letters NEON
It has pluses and minuses 4 letters MATH
Tickle Me doll 4 letters ELMO
Feeling during meditation 9 letters STILLNESS
Having a full sleeve of ink perhaps 8 letters TATTEDUP
Zilch 3 letters NIL
Very angry 7 letters INAFURY
So tasty! 3 letters YUM
A deer a female deer 3 letters DOE
Caramelly candy 4 letters ROLO
Sheeplike 5 letters OVINE
Leases 5 letters RENTS
Prerelease phase 4 letters BETA
Eager 4 letters AVID
Long time period: Var. 4 letters AEON
Let off steam 4 letters VENT
Curved structure 4 letters ARCH
Awards acronym for Whoopi Goldberg 4 letters EGOT
NFL play-callers 3 letters QBS
Prefix for play at Comic-Con 3 letters COS

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