Universal Crossword June 16 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword June 16 2021 Answers:

West German capital once 4 letters BONN
Silent assent 3 letters NOD
Online birthday greeting 5 letters ECARD
Wicked as instincts 4 letters BASE
Kitchenware brand 3 letters OXO
Key without sharps or flats 6 letters AMINOR
Patron of stone bridge builders? 8 letters STARCHES
Win-win 6 letters NOLOSE
Most narcissistic 7 letters VAINEST
Oh really? 4 letters ITIS
Most favorably 6 letters ATBEST
Patron of dermatologists? 8 letters STITCHES
Scary sound 3 letters BOO
Incoming flight info 3 letters ETA
Country in a Springsteen title briefly 3 letters USA
Pittsburgh-to-Baltimore dir. 3 letters ESE
Popcorn accompaniment often 4 letters SODA
Omelet ingredient 3 letters EGG
Mini-___ (small stores) 5 letters MARTS
Thanks a million for all that help and a theme hint 11 letters YOUREASAINT
Goalies’ face coverings 5 letters MASKS
Slide down the slopes 3 letters SKI
Game cubes 4 letters DICE
Trojans of the NCAA 3 letters USC
Nonverbal communication for short? 3 letters ESP
What fills a sleeve 3 letters ARM
Yoga accessory 3 letters MAT
Patron of plane traffic controllers? 8 letters STAIRWAY
Wards off 6 letters DETERS
It’s at the end of a 52-Across 4 letters HAND
Freezer container 7 letters ICETRAY
Yearning (for) 6 letters PINING
Patron of people writing with quill pens? 8 letters STINKPOT
Chocolaty cereal 6 letters OREOOS
Science Guy Bill 3 letters NYE
French money 4 letters EURO
Contract conditions 5 letters TERMS
Stale 3 letters OLD
Gush 4 letters SPEW
Pellets that are shot 3 letters BBS
Bit of horse food 3 letters OAT
Hush-hush org. 3 letters NSA
Chutzpah 5 letters NERVE
Pitcher’s aim? 8 letters NOHITTER
Farm team 4 letters OXEN
Prescribed amounts 5 letters DOSES
Moody music genre 3 letters EMO
Tennis star Marin whose surname is a palindrome 5 letters CILIC
Later maybe? 11 letters ANOTHERTIME
Most optimistic 7 letters ROSIEST
Gets ready to go out maybe 7 letters DRESSES
Those opposed 5 letters ANTIS
24 cans of beer often 4 letters CASE
Disco ___ (The Simpsons character) 3 letters STU
Muscles below pecs 3 letters ABS
Also 3 letters TOO
Alternative to a metal detector 11 letters BODYSCANNER
Novelist Hoag 4 letters TAMI
Get older 3 letters AGE
Totally fine 3 letters AOK
Accelerator informally 3 letters GAS
Also 3 letters AND
One may rate an app 4 letters USER
Reggae relative 3 letters SKA
Hung out? 8 letters AIRDRIED
Circle’s center in a variation of duck duck goose 7 letters MUSHPOT
Actor/dancer Fred 7 letters ASTAIRE
Hot Wheels toy 3 letters CAR
Visitors from afar briefly 3 letters ETS
Gulps from a flask 5 letters SWIGS
D.C. fundraising org. 3 letters PAC
Unkind 4 letters MEAN
It might get lost in translation 5 letters IDIOM
Binary type of question 5 letters YESNO
Little ones 5 letters TYKES
Texter’s signoff 4 letters TTYL
They’re saved on cellphones: Abbr. 3 letters NOS
Lightweight boxer? 3 letters PUP
Metallic resource 3 letters ORE
Haul from behind 3 letters TOW

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