Universal Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Source of some carpets and cats once [#UniversalXwordPride] 6 letters PERSIA
Emeril’s sound effect 3 letters BAM
Place that appropriately rhymes with Ahhh 3 letters SPA
Playwright Eugene 6 letters ONEILL
Amount of medicine 4 letters DOSE
Cleverness 3 letters WIT
Unnerve 6 letters RATTLE
*Basis of some election predictions 8 letters EXITPOLL
Linen color 4 letters ECRU
Beauty brand 4 letters ULTA
Word before code or 51 4 letters AREA
*Animated filmmaking technique 10 letters STOPMOTION
Marries 4 letters WEDS
Rice wine 4 letters SAKE
Greek letters before omegas 4 letters PSIS
Badger 3 letters NAG
DEA worker 4 letters NARC
Secret supply 5 letters CACHE
*Somehow 15 letters ONEWAYORANOTHER
Blowin’ in the Wind singer Bob 5 letters DYLAN
Like Denny’s at all hours 4 letters OPEN
Fury 3 letters IRE
Blocks like a river 4 letters DAMS
Ego ___ (self-gratifying journey) 4 letters TRIP
Frosty has a corncob one 4 letters PIPE
*Graph of a bond’s interest rate 10 letters YIELDCURVE
Brazilian berry 4 letters ACAI
Moist as morning grass 4 letters DEWY
Wander 4 letters ROAM
Instruction on many official documents or a hint to the starred answers’ starts 8 letters SIGNHERE
Ask too much 6 letters IMPOSE
Prop in a golf movie? 3 letters TEE
Cell reception indicators 4 letters BARS
Chatterbox 6 letters TALKER
Slip up 3 letters ERR
British songwriter Rita 3 letters ORA
Like a formal affair 6 letters DRESSY
Tiny holes 5 letters PORES
Make into law 5 letters ENACT
Hip again 5 letters RETRO
Crunches’ relatives at the gym 6 letters SITUPS
Not feeling so well 3 letters ILL
The A in IPA 3 letters ALE
Proof of purchasing cereal 6 letters BOXTOP
South Koreans and others 6 letters ASIANS
Encountered 3 letters MET
Promised 5 letters SWORE
In a heap 5 letters PILED
He has the whole world in his hands 5 letters ATLAS
Place to order cold cuts 4 letters DELI
Plays with kitten-style 6 letters PAWSAT
In ___ (unborn) 5 letters UTERO
Tomorrow in Tulum 6 letters MANANA
Sure 4 letters OKAY
Quintessential 6 letters ICONIC
Indicate approval 3 letters NOD
Even a little bit 3 letters ANY
Hair product 3 letters GEL
___-Magnon 3 letters CRO
Greek X 3 letters CHI
She/___ pronouns 3 letters HER
Prior to poetically 3 letters ERE
Enter a pool gradually 6 letters WADEIN
In a fitting way 5 letters APTLY
Awkward smarty-pants perhaps 4 letters NERD
Greeting in a love letter 6 letters MYDEAR
___ Nevada mountains 6 letters SIERRA
58-Across’ color 6 letters PURPLE
Ctrl+V on a PC 5 letters PASTE
More treacherous like a winter road 5 letters ICIER
Cellphone’s ancestor 5 letters PAGER
Females in a flock 4 letters EWES
Castles that may endanger kings? 5 letters ROOKS
Flower holders 5 letters VASES
Nail file material 5 letters EMERY
A Black Lady Sketch Show network 3 letters HBO
___ be an honor! 3 letters ITD
Damage 3 letters MAR

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