Universal Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

Part ways [#UniversalXwordPride] 5 letters SPLIT
University of New Mexico student 4 letters LOBO
Classroom cheater’s sound 4 letters PSST
Ready to do a pushup 5 letters PRONE
First fratricide fatality 4 letters ABEL
Grains in some pudding 4 letters RICE
Braised vegetable in German cuisine 10 letters REDCABBAGE
___ go bragh! (Ireland forever!) 4 letters ERIN
Brand originally called Froffles 4 letters EGGO
Tomato variety 4 letters ROMA
Often-stolen ID 3 letters SSN
Getting on in life 4 letters AGED
Tangy fizzy drink 10 letters ORANGESODA
Medicinal measures 5 letters DOSES
Found a new purpose for 6 letters REUSED
Senators’ capital city? 6 letters OTTAWA
Zest source 4 letters RIND
Medium-ripe ingredients at a pizza parlor 13 letters YELLOWPEPPERS
Very large informally 4 letters MEGA
Like some plants 6 letters POTTED
End of a sequel’s title 6 letters PARTII
Bridge support 5 letters TRUSS
Central Thai dish made with chilies 10 letters GREENCURRY
Cousin of contra- 4 letters ANTI
Resort with many robes 3 letters SPA
___ Ski Valley New Mexico 4 letters TAOS
Superfan 4 letters STAN
Enterprise shuttle’s org. 4 letters NASA
Peruvian crop with husks (theme hint: think Skittles colors) 10 letters PURPLECORN
Poems of admiration 4 letters ODES
Fourth-largest Great Lake 4 letters ERIE
Shed an iceberg 5 letters CALVE
Discard 4 letters TOSS
Raggedy ___ (popular dolls) 4 letters ANNS
Wiser’s companion 5 letters OLDER
Extend as one’s wings 6 letters SPREAD
Having a bun in the oven 6 letters PREGGO
Ski resort shelters 6 letters LODGES
Encrypted 6 letters INCODE
Drink that Colonists paid a steep price for 3 letters TEA
Hard work 5 letters LABOR
Malia or Sasha 5 letters OBAMA
Initiated 5 letters BEGAN
Hurrah at a futbol game 3 letters OLE
Word after under or water 8 letters PRESSURE
Navy negative 8 letters SIRNOSIR
Bio. chem. or phys. 3 letters SCI
Midmorning hour 3 letters TEN
Sis’s sib perhaps 3 letters BRO
Do you get it now? 3 letters SEE
Fruit you may stomp on 5 letters GRAPE
Studies near libraries perhaps? 4 letters DENS
Compute 18+9 say 3 letters ADD
Only three-letter scale note 3 letters SOL
Discussion point 5 letters TOPIC
Rarely seen banknote 3 letters TWO
Like the name Miles for a marathoner 3 letters APT
Rainy 3 letters WET
525600 minutes usually 4 letters YEAR
Exits 8 letters EGRESSES
Slip that excuses tardiness 8 letters LATEPASS
S.F. summer hours 3 letters PDT
Car efficiency stat 3 letters MPG
One ___ million 3 letters INA
Scamp 6 letters RASCAL
Still secret 6 letters UNTOLD
Feed a cold ___ a fever 6 letters STARVE
Confessional visitor 6 letters SINNER
Total reversal 5 letters UTURN
___ to go 5 letters RARIN
Procedures to learn with the 5 letters ROPES
Luxury fashion monogram 3 letters YSL
Negative adverb 3 letters NOT
Kerfuffle 3 letters ADO
Mendel’s legume 3 letters PEA
Environmental prefix 3 letters ECO

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