Universal Crossword July 28 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword July 28 2021 Answers:

Went down a chute 4 letters SLID
Way to a freeway 6 letters ONRAMP
It might be part-time 3 letters JOB
Sugar stalk 4 letters CANE
Document signed before a stunt 6 letters WAIVER
One in Cancun 3 letters UNO
*Harris to Biden in 2020 11 letters RUNNINGMATE
Tex-___ 3 letters MEX
Head over heels and hand over fist 6 letters IDIOMS
Keg outlet 3 letters TAP
Practice as a trade 3 letters PLY
Meal that may feature tempura 5 letters BENTO
Dietary amt. 3 letters RDA
Letter before omega 3 letters PSI
The ___ of Glory (Lady Gaga hit) 4 letters EDGE
*Carnival’s setting 10 letters FAIRGROUND
Medieval workers 5 letters SERFS
Better ventilated 6 letters AIRIER
___ milk 3 letters OAT
*Pairing on a fight card 7 letters MATCHUP
Stab or go 3 letters TRY
To life at a bat mitzvah 6 letters LCHAIM
Labyrinths 5 letters MAZES
*Outing for two couples 10 letters DOUBLEDATE
Like flan 4 letters EGGY
A in Cannes 3 letters UNE
Heart of a winner? 3 letters ENS
That’s ___ (Dean Martin love song) 5 letters AMORE
Drug made from a fungus 3 letters LSD
Spray used before sauteing 3 letters PAM
Floral Van Gogh subjects 6 letters IRISES
Grazed say 3 letters ATE
Dramatic baseball maneuver or what you can do within each starred answer to form two words/phrases? 11 letters SQUEEZEPLAY
It was in orbit for 15 years 3 letters MIR
Definitely will after is 6 letters SURETO
Ascended 4 letters ROSE
Machines in some labs 3 letters PCS
Assigned a job to 6 letters TASKED
Is in the hole 4 letters OWES
One who takes things down 6 letters SCRIBE
Extolled 6 letters LAUDED
One of nine in baseball usually 6 letters INNING
Signifies 7 letters DENOTES
Dominates to gamers 4 letters OWNS
Worn-out horse 3 letters NAG
Periphery 3 letters RIM
Top-grossing movie of all time (2009) 6 letters AVATAR
Photographer’s prefix for data 4 letters META
Gear up (for) 4 letters PREP
Parachutist’s apparel 8 letters JUMPSUIT
Short zinger 8 letters ONELINER
Squarish 4 letters BOXY
Just my 2 cents in a text 3 letters IMO
Life ___ (inflatable vessel) 4 letters RAFT
iPod predecessor 7 letters DISCMAN
Lead-in to que 3 letters POR
Freeze-___ (still image) 5 letters FRAME
Paramedic’s roll 5 letters GAUZE
Like a red strawberry 4 letters RIPE
Word before cell or spell 3 letters DRY
___ and the Detectives 4 letters EMIL
Aged 3 letters OLD
Kind of guitar 8 letters ACOUSTIC
Speaks with a booming voice 8 letters THUNDERS
Tops of Santa costumes 4 letters HATS
Nickname that anagrams to Bea 3 letters ABE
Part-time athlete 7 letters SEMIPRO
Shows reluctance 6 letters DEMURS
Proceed leisurely 6 letters GOSLOW
Summer Nights musical 6 letters GREASE
Of course! Of course! 6 letters YESYES
Verb that sounds like its middle letter 3 letters ARE
Genie’s place 4 letters LAMP
Subtle summons 4 letters PSST
Blue-green 4 letters AQUA
Polo shirt brand 4 letters IZOD
Cartoon squeal 3 letters EEK
Summer to a Parisian 3 letters ETE

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