Universal Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Unaccompanied at a party 4 letters STAG
Where people get their starts? 5 letters WOMBS
What’s about a foot? 4 letters SHOE
Contented cat’s sound 4 letters PURR
Unreactive 5 letters INERT
Rest in a hammock say 4 letters LOLL
Actor who plays a clergy member in commercials? 10 letters ADMINISTER
Thing 4 letters ITEM
Words of agreement 5 letters SOAMI
Very virtuous people 6 letters SAINTS
2002 rom-com whose protagonist donates $40 billion 7 letters MRDEEDS
Reggae cousin 3 letters SKA
Donkey 3 letters ASS
Org. with a list of popular baby names 3 letters SSA
Census Bureau office manager? 11 letters COUNTERSUIT
Popular payment app 5 letters VENMO
Plants in a dry place? 5 letters CACTI
Kitty starter 4 letters ANTE
Pieces of furniture in green rooms 5 letters SOFAS
Does and bucks 4 letters DEER
Home Depot rival 5 letters LOWES
Steer clear of 5 letters AVOID
Spot on a major team? 11 letters PROPOSITION
Tractor-trailer 3 letters RIG
Butterfingers 3 letters OAF
Operated 3 letters RAN
Suffragist Susan B. 7 letters ANTHONY
The A of CIA 6 letters AGENCY
Sphere of influence 5 letters REALM
It may have a soft shell 4 letters TACO
Forklift operator for pillow factory? 10 letters DOWNLOADER
Gave the once-over 4 letters EYED
Host the show 5 letters EMCEE
Romance fiction award 4 letters RITA
Extremities 4 letters ENDS
Processes as a chip card 5 letters READS
Reason to study 4 letters TEST
Involuntary jerks 6 letters SPASMS
Houses with steeply pitched roofs 6 letters TUDORS
Naval fleet 6 letters ARMADA
Ingrained dirt 5 letters GRIME
Nintendo console 3 letters WII
Add-___ (extras) 3 letters ONS
New York team with a bridge in its logo 4 letters METS
Chicken serving 6 letters BREAST
Ball alternative in softball 6 letters STRIKE
Narrow opening 4 letters SLIT
Cajun condiment 8 letters HOTSAUCE
Cheer at a futbol game 3 letters OLE
A Nightmare on ___ Street 3 letters ELM
Nephew’s sibling perhaps 5 letters NIECE
One definitely won’t share weed with you 4 letters NARC
Puts on 4 letters DONS
Japanese sport in a ring 4 letters SUMO
Web location 4 letters SITE
Commotion 4 letters STIR
Like Jack Sprat’s diet 5 letters NOFAT
Anti-DWI org. 4 letters SADD
Political second banana for short 4 letters VEEP
Purina brand 4 letters ALPO
Writer Ephron 4 letters NORA
Deceitful 8 letters TWOFACED
Nike competitor 4 letters AVIA
In the near future 4 letters SOON
Upset 4 letters SORE
First class informally? 5 letters INTRO
Tool that produces wood dust 6 letters SANDER
___ Tax (unlucky Monopoly player’s first landing space) 6 letters INCOME
Band aide 6 letters ROADIE
Coastal features 6 letters INLETS
One may lift weights for hours 6 letters GYMRAT
Valentine symbol 5 letters HEART
Mount Olympus dwellers 4 letters GODS
Feminist community org. 4 letters YWCA
Thing in a golfer’s pocket 3 letters TEE
Writer Rand 3 letters AYN
Homer’s frenemy 3 letters NED
French word within Miserables 3 letters LES

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