Universal Crossword January 25 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword January 25 2023 Answers:

Places to unwind 4 letters SPAS
Closest pal for short 3 letters BFF
Couldn’t not 5 letters HADTO
Kurylenko of Black Widow 4 letters OLGA
Feathered scarves 4 letters BOAS
Kiss on both cheeks perhaps 5 letters GREET
*Dessert named for its traditional amount of butter flour sugar and eggs 9 letters POUNDCAKE
Reznor of Nine Inch Nails 5 letters TRENT
Garden shovel 5 letters SPADE
Collection of virtual reality realms 9 letters METAVERSE
On the ___ (in flight) 3 letters LAM
Contraception choice: Abbr. 3 letters IUD
Fortuneteller 4 letters SEER
*What Old San Juan has 11 letters STORIEDPAST
Throw forcefully in slang 4 letters YEET
Deg. for a tooth expert 3 letters DDS
Fly solo 6 letters GOSTAG
Org. for a surgeon 3 letters AMA
Marching insect 3 letters ANT
Harrison of My Fair Lady 3 letters REX
World Cup cry 3 letters OLE
Korean cabbage dish 6 letters KIMCHI
Stick a ___ in it 3 letters PIN
Mind-numbing 4 letters DULL
*Upper class 11 letters HIGHSOCIETY
Arthur ___ Stadium 4 letters ASHE
Watch it! 3 letters HEY
Chihuahua sound 3 letters YAP
Rhyming Klondike treat discontinued in 2022 9 letters CHOCOTACO
Sorcerer’s skill 5 letters MAGIC
Big name in small trucks 5 letters TONKA
So hypocritical or a hint to the starred clues’ answers 9 letters THATSRICH
Break things off 5 letters ENDIT
All right 4 letters SURE
Word after family or Christmas 4 letters TREE
University bigwigs 5 letters DEANS
Free TV spot 3 letters PSA
Dispatched as a dragon 4 letters SLEW
Soaks (up) 4 letters SOPS
Sound preceding a ripple perhaps 4 letters PLOP
___ fresca (cold drink) 4 letters AGUA
1993 kids’ baseball film with The 7 letters SANDLOT
Doctor Who network 3 letters BBC
Latte art medium 4 letters FOAM
Sources of wrong answers to age-old questions? 7 letters FAKEIDS
Love It or List It channel 4 letters HGTV
Halts as development 7 letters ARRESTS
Tractor brand 5 letters DEERE
Not relaxed 5 letters TENSE
Playful aquatic mammal 5 letters OTTER
Arrange in advance 5 letters SETUP
Cherished 4 letters DEAR
Employer in Mad Men 8 letters ADAGENCY
12 a.m. 8 letters MIDNIGHT
18-wheeler 4 letters SEMI
It famously has no I 4 letters TEAM
Syracuse summer setting: Abbr. 3 letters EDT
Red or White follower in sports 3 letters SOX
Go on and on 3 letters YAK
Praise aggressively 4 letters TOUT
Supporter in battle 4 letters ALLY
Alternative to mousse 3 letters GEL
Tuna type 3 letters AHI
___ Grande 3 letters RIO
Some hotels let you do this early 7 letters CHECKIN
Mentally prepare 7 letters PSYCHUP
Leaves 7 letters DEPARTS
Preliminary races 5 letters HEATS
Purina alternative 4 letters IAMS
Had a role 5 letters ACTED
Gleamed 5 letters SHONE
Passport issuer? 5 letters HONDA
Food for a filly 4 letters OATS
Rowers’ equipment 4 letters OARS
New ___ (Zooey Deschanel sitcom) 4 letters GIRL
Frozen drink brand 4 letters ICEE
___ the fat (chat) 4 letters CHEW
Oolong or rooibos e.g. 3 letters TEA

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