Universal Crossword January 24 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword January 24 2023 Answers:

Underway 5 letters AFOOT
Scoundrel 3 letters CAD
Athlete’s L 4 letters LOSS
Chutzpah 5 letters NERVE
Miss in Mex. 4 letters SRTA
Not fooled by 4 letters ONTO
Result of finger painting with blue and yellow? 10 letters GREENTHUMB
Cat call? 4 letters MEOW
Neither’s partner 3 letters NOR
Biceps’ limbs 4 letters ARMS
Make an exit 5 letters LEAVE
Prepare for shipping 5 letters BOXUP
Invented linguistically 6 letters COINED
Result of a little one hiding a surprise behind her back? 13 letters INVISIBLEHAND
Confidence 5 letters FAITH
U.K. record label 3 letters EMI
Chromosome letters 3 letters DNA
Like a poorly cleaned mirror 7 letters STREAKY
Oven for naan 7 letters TANDOOR
Buckeyes’ sch. 3 letters OSU
Alternative to the pill for short 3 letters IUD
Kind of column or bond 5 letters IONIC
Result of a toddler having a PB&J? 13 letters STICKYFINGERS
Words from one who’s unwell 6 letters IMSICK
Acknowledge silently 5 letters NODAT
Overly confident 5 letters COCKY
Wilson of the Beach Boys 4 letters CARL
TGIF part 3 letters ITS
Amo amas ___ 4 letters AMAT
Mental disarray of early parenthood that inspired the 16- 25- and 44-Across clues? 10 letters MOMMYBRAIN
Tot’s taboo 4 letters NONO
Wedding vows 4 letters IDOS
Email answer 5 letters REPLY
To-do list item 4 letters TASK
Tic-tac-toe side 3 letters XES
Hello singer 5 letters ADELE
Hulk director Lee 3 letters ANG
Plant with fronds 4 letters FERN
Creme-filled cookie 4 letters OREO
Impetus for braces 8 letters OVERBITE
Toe count 3 letters TEN
Scrunch 7 letters CRUMPLE
Bread producers? 4 letters ATMS
Bit of gel 3 letters DAB
Noodle dish cooked in a wok 6 letters LOMEIN
Apt idiom for an only child’s parents 10 letters ONEANDDONE
Pilot’s place in the kitchen 5 letters STOVE
Scattered as seeds 5 letters SOWED
Topiary plant 5 letters SHRUB
Urban vehicle 4 letters TAXI
Mauna ___ 3 letters LOA
Workers’ protection org. 4 letters OSHA
Nutritious seed 4 letters CHIA
In that case 4 letters IFSO
D.C. MLB team 4 letters NATS
They may detect malware 10 letters VIRUSSCANS
CPR pro 3 letters EMT
Gritty film genre 4 letters NOIR
Parentheses e.g. 4 letters ARCS
Bit of excitement 4 letters KICK
Loud laugh 3 letters YUK
Girl in Guatemala 4 letters NINA
Pooped 8 letters DOGTIRED
Live wires 7 letters DYNAMOS
Short-form video app 6 letters TIKTOK
Cold and distant 3 letters ICY
Paperwork 5 letters FORMS
With no particular purpose 4 letters IDLY
It’s too hard for me! 5 letters ICANT
Aquaman star Jason 5 letters MOMOA
What a spy cracks 4 letters CODE
Packaging supply 4 letters TAPE
Window part for a potted plant 4 letters SILL
Blend 3 letters MIX
Source of support? 3 letters BRA
Dec. 31 3 letters NYE

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