Universal Crossword January 17 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword January 17 2022 Answers:

Skewed view 4 letters BIAS
Small globs 4 letters DABS
Hard precipitation 4 letters HAIL
Black tea type 5 letters PEKOE
Money in Seville 4 letters EURO
Burn-soothing gel 4 letters ALOE
Fry’s love interest on Futurama 5 letters LEELA
*Perch from which you might hear Land ho! 9 letters CROWSNEST
I’ve got it! 3 letters AHA
Entices 7 letters DRAWSIN
You almost got me! 7 letters NICETRY
White Teeth author Smith 5 letters ZADIE
Dodges 6 letters EVADES
*Issue that can be blown out of proportion idiomatically 8 letters MOLEHILL
Discourage 5 letters DETER
Later! 4 letters CIAO
Navigate some moguls 3 letters SKI
1978 comedy set at Faber College and a clue to this puzzle’s theme 11 letters ANIMALHOUSE
Georgia’s capital: Abbr. 3 letters ATL
Name hidden in barbecue sauce 4 letters ESAU
Resort town in Alberta 5 letters BANFF
*Hostile place 8 letters LIONSDEN
Person to learn the ropes from 6 letters MENTOR
Coming-out exclamation sometimes 5 letters IMGAY
Emergency chopper? 7 letters FIREAXE
Show contempt toward 7 letters SNEERAT
Org. for top students 3 letters NHS
*Shape of some windshield cracks 9 letters SPIDERWEB
Noble gas used in lasers 5 letters ARGON
Grammy winner Alessia 4 letters CARA
Restaurant freebie served in a basket 4 letters ROLL
Jacqueline du Pre’s instrument 5 letters CELLO
Syria’s neighbor to the east 4 letters IRAQ
___ terrier 4 letters SKYE
Fencing blade 4 letters EPEE
*Busy place 7 letters BEEHIVE
Marketing booklet with assemble-it-yourself furniture 11 letters IKEACATALOG
Yahoo! alternative 3 letters AOL
Briny expanse 3 letters SEA
Openly denounce 5 letters DECRY
Indefinable vibe 4 letters AURA
It might be furrowed 4 letters BROW
Piglets’ mothers 4 letters SOWS
Comedian Gadsby 6 letters HANNAH
Pub order 3 letters ALE
Apple core? 3 letters IOS
___ it go already! 3 letters LET
Smoothed 6 letters PLANED
S M or L on a tag e.g. 4 letters SIZE
Some ICU staff members 3 letters DRS
Plot of the Bible? 4 letters EDEN
Actress Hatcher 4 letters TERI
Separate like cables 11 letters DISENTANGLE
Type 3 letters ILK
Manning who retired in 2020 3 letters ELI
Italian fashion capital 5 letters MILAN
Hawaii’s Gathering Place 4 letters OAHU
Where to go in London? 3 letters LOO
Instance 4 letters CASE
___ school 3 letters MED
Rideshare option 4 letters UBER
Reasonable 4 letters SANE
Comedian Wong 3 letters ALI
Lyricist and EGOT winner Rice 3 letters TIM
*Shelter on the front lines 7 letters FOXHOLE
City in the San Joaquin Valley 6 letters FRESNO
Where AAPL and AMZN trade 6 letters NASDAQ
Auld Lang ___ 4 letters SYNE
Good Will Hunting university 3 letters MIT
Tale from Aesop 5 letters FABLE
Flubs up 4 letters ERRS
Furry Star Wars creature 4 letters EWOK
Depend (on) 4 letters RELY
Sch. subject with a lab 3 letters SCI
Number for a golf hole 3 letters PAR
Savings plan initials 3 letters IRA
Get an A+ on 3 letters ACE
Exercise unit 3 letters REP

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