Universal Crossword January 15 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword January 15 2022 Answers:

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough singer 9 letters DIANAROSS
Underlying cause 4 letters ROOT
Onslaught of both real and fake news 9 letters INFODEMIC
Skin care or printing product 5 letters TONER
Daytime TV drama 9 letters SOAPOPERA
Best 5 letters OUTDO
Throat malady for short 5 letters STREP
Wise up! 9 letters GETWITHIT
It might be spilled in more ways than one 3 letters TEA
___ No More (immersive theater production) 5 letters SLEEP
Had the guts 5 letters DARED
Cuts down 4 letters HEWS
Sing with your mouth closed 3 letters HUM
Embezzlement e.g. 9 letters INSIDEJOB
Draw the short straw 4 letters LOSE
Exhausts 4 letters SAPS
Desensitizes 5 letters NUMBS
Yours and mine 4 letters OURS
Makes sense to me 4 letters ISEE
Precedent-setting trials 9 letters TESTCASES
Roofing goo 3 letters TAR
Back talk 4 letters SASS
Addition to a building 5 letters ANNEX
Disney film whose remake stars Liu Yifei 5 letters MULAN
Big bang source? 3 letters TNT
By its very nature 9 letters IPSOFACTO
The Phantom of the Opera’s instrument 5 letters ORGAN
Wind instrument that Lizzo plays 5 letters FLUTE
This is our destination! 9 letters HEREWEARE
What F6 and F8 might represent on ticket stubs 5 letters SEATS
All of the leads in Ocean’s 8 e.g. 9 letters ACTRESSES
Munch Museum city 4 letters OSLO
So relatable! 9 letters IHEARTHAT
Put down 4 letters DISS
Playing a tie-breaking quarter briefly 4 letters INOT
Way off 4 letters AFAR
Don’t think so 4 letters NOPE
Welcomed into the family 7 letters ADOPTED
Single goblet squat 3 letters REP
Horseshoe-shaped Greek letter 5 letters OMEGA
Father 4 letters SIRE
Sing Doo-bee doo-bop perhaps 4 letters SCAT
66 for one 5 letters ROUTE
Free 10 letters ONTHEHOUSE
Sophocles tragedy after which a Freudian concept was named 10 letters OEDIPUSREX
Moderate horse gait 4 letters TROT
Works like a dog 5 letters TOILS
Opposite of ENE 3 letters WSW
Adam’s apple locale? 4 letters EDEN
Collections for genetic testing 10 letters DNASAMPLES
Like always 10 letters ASPERUSUAL
Get up 4 letters RISE
Great Lakes mnemonic 5 letters HOMES
Flows back 4 letters EBBS
Glitter often makes one 4 letters MESS
That so? 4 letters ISIT
Sticks (out) 4 letters JUTS
Cash advance 4 letters LOAN
Superfan 4 letters STAN
Tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere 7 letters CNTOWER
Jewelry boxes? 5 letters SAFES
Gasteyer of Lady Dynamite 3 letters ANA
Game nearly everyone loses 5 letters LOTTO
Linzer ___ (fruit pastry) 5 letters TORTE
In that case … 4 letters IFSO
Drink that might be served with cake rusk 4 letters CHAI
The T in STEM informally 4 letters TECH
Take it easy 4 letters REST
Deep wound 4 letters GASH
Field of study 4 letters AREA
Home on a Wingspan card 4 letters NEST
Period that might be named for a president 3 letters ERA

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