Universal Crossword January 14 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword January 14 2022 Answers:

Press (down) 4 letters TAMP
Raise objections 5 letters DEMUR
Longest human bone 5 letters FEMUR
Compliment 6 letters PRAISE
Tiny tot 6 letters WEEONE
Scottish city on the Clyde 7 letters GLASGOW
One sketching part of a bird?13 letters WARMINGDRAWER
Bids the most 4 letters WINS
Crossword e.g. grammatically 4 letters NOUN
Intent 3 letters AIM
___ alive! (horror movie cry) 3 letters ITS
Fire up Microsoft’s search engine? 11 letters LOADBEARING
… except that wasn’t the case 5 letters BUTNO
Scorpion’s substance 5 letters VENOM
Wildcat spotted in South America 6 letters OCELOT
Turn left as a screw 6 letters LOOSEN
Submerged sandbank 5 letters SHOAL
Speak up already! 5 letters SAYIT
The So What singer went fast? 11 letters PINKSLIPPED
One created Lake Mead 3 letters DAM
Youngest-ever U.S. congresswoman 3 letters AOC
Not much as of hand sanitizer 4 letters ADAB
Perseverance rover’s org. 4 letters NASA
Extraordinary charged particle? 13 letters LEGIONOFMERIT
Pampers products 7 letters DIAPERS
Tips off 6 letters ALERTS
Is jealous of 6 letters ENVIES
Takes in a good book 5 letters READS
T-shirt style 5 letters VNECK
Refuse to grant 4 letters DENY
*Caddie’s pegs 5 letters TEEMS
French for mine 4 letters AMOI
Actress Olivia 4 letters MUNN
Expecting a baby 8 letters PREGNANT
Prepare as a bath 4 letters DRAW
Relieve 4 letters EASE
Throbbing headache 8 letters MIGRAINE
Until everyone comes home org. 3 letters USO
<< letters on a remote 3 letters REW
*Reedy areas 5 letters FERNS
*Course of action 5 letters PLANE
*Brevity is the soul of ___ 4 letters WAIT
Chow 4 letters GRUB
1914-18 conflict: Abbr. 3 letters WWI
Bygone bird 4 letters DODO
A party to 4 letters INON
Las Vegas’ ___ Grand 3 letters MGM
Idle periods 5 letters LULLS
Ear: Prefix 3 letters OTO
*Null’s partner 5 letters AVOID
*Superlative suffix 4 letters REST
Prominent Toucan Sam feature 4 letters BEAK
Neighbor of Indiana 4 letters OHIO
*Inward-curving 8 letters CONCLAVE
Desk’s portable substitute 8 letters LAPBOARD
Hey in Chile 3 letters OYE
Four Seasons amenity 3 letters SPA
*___ Antonio 4 letters SPAN
*Runs on TV 5 letters LAIRS
*Cinco – tres 4 letters IDOS
Board game? 5 letters DARTS
Warts and all 4 letters ASIS
Gym surface 3 letters MAT
Studious and introverted say 5 letters NERDY
*Instagram post briefly 4 letters EPIC
*That’s scary! 4 letters GEEK
Head for the hills 4 letters FLEE
Intend 4 letters MEAN
Actor Patel 3 letters DEV
Certain Tripadvisor listing 3 letters INN

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