Universal Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Nippy pooch 5 letters BITER
Swiveled joints 4 letters HIPS
Forthwith in a memo 4 letters ASAP
___-Lay 5 letters FRITO
Wallet fillers 4 letters ONES
Sleeper agent 4 letters MOLE
Bet taker on social media? 10 letters FACEBOOKIE
Fix the spelling of say 4 letters EDIT
Hawaii’s third-largest island 4 letters OAHU
Frosted cereal bit 5 letters FLAKE
Property value determiner on social media? 14 letters WHATSAPPRAISER
French writer who loved his madeleines 6 letters PROUST
Actress Chaplin 4 letters OONA
Santa’s strap 4 letters REIN
Desirable Halloween option 5 letters TREAT
Apt Greek letter for a Penn frat name 3 letters PHI
Language expert on social media? 15 letters INSTAGRAMMARIAN
Winter hrs. in Helena 3 letters MST
Bottom of the barrel 5 letters DREGS
Do ___ others … 4 letters UNTO
Serb or Croat 4 letters SLAV
Do more than hear 6 letters LISTEN
Patent holder on social media? 14 letters LINKEDINVENTOR
Booth warning sign 5 letters ONAIR
Itty-bitty bit 4 letters IOTA
Money holder 4 letters CLIP
Professional socializing that 17- 22- 35- and 45-Across are engaged in? 10 letters NETWORKING
Seaweed in a forest 4 letters KELP
Shrek notably 4 letters OGRE
Edmonton hockey player 5 letters OILER
Handicrafts website 4 letters ETSY
Sheared stuff 4 letters WOOL
Hard-to-find guy in a red-striped shirt 5 letters WALDO
Closest pal in texts 3 letters BFF
Long-term savings plan for short 3 letters IRA
___-tac-toe 3 letters TIC
Hot time in Paris 3 letters ETE
Modern assembly line workers 6 letters ROBOTS
Commotion 5 letters HOOHA
Prepare for printing as a press 5 letters INKUP
Canada’s smallest prov. 3 letters PEI
Kansas City-to-New Orleans dir. 3 letters SSE
Aviator Earhart 6 letters AMELIA
Fizzy drinks 5 letters SODAS
Similar 5 letters ALIKE
The Tale of ___ Rabbit 5 letters PETER
Hops-drying kiln 4 letters OAST
Coke’s fruity cousin 5 letters FANTA
Small birds with big voices 5 letters WRENS
Pull up with a pulley 5 letters HOIST
Father’s sister e.g. 4 letters AUNT
Works by Dickinson and Angelou 5 letters POEMS
Meander 4 letters ROAM
Overly proper 4 letters PRIM
Roman fountain 5 letters TREVI
Old T-shirt perhaps 3 letters RAG
Ford from the ’70s 5 letters PINTO
Troll on a fan page 5 letters HATER
Part of as a plot 4 letters INON
Grace of Will & Grace 5 letters ADLER
Reunion attendee briefly 4 letters GRAD
Iron oxide 4 letters RUST
Peanut butter brand 6 letters SKIPPY
Shannon of Thirty Seconds to Mars 4 letters LETO
All lined up 6 letters INAROW
Enlightenment philosopher from England 5 letters LOCKE
Small bay 5 letters INLET
Woodworker’s fasteners 5 letters NAILS
Prefix for -glycerin 5 letters NITRO
Y is the only one in syzygy 5 letters VOWEL
Immediately 3 letters NOW
A narcissist has a big one 3 letters EGO
Rio manufacturer 3 letters KIA
Not feeling so great 3 letters ILL
Homer’s neighbor 3 letters NED
Miracle-___ 3 letters GRO

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