Universal Crossword January 13 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword January 13 2021 Answers:

65-Across to an impolite diner 4 letters COME
Closed 4 letters SHUT
Bavarian banger 5 letters WURST
0 letters on a telephone 4 letters OPER
Curious to a fault 4 letters NOSY
… my own worst ___ 5 letters ENEMY
to one in a rush 9 letters HURRYITUP
Word before case or well 5 letters STAIR
Sugar name suffix 3 letters OSE
Loved to bits 6 letters ADORED
Running in neutral 4 letters IDLE
to a hypnotist 12 letters OPENYOUREYES
Body parts that rest on violas 5 letters CHINS
Out of practice 5 letters RUSTY
Frilly fabric 4 letters LACE
Attacked cat-style 6 letters CLAWED
O’er and o’er again 3 letters OFT
Tankard filler 3 letters ALE
to one who just missed 7 letters SOCLOSE
Audio receiver? 3 letters EAR
Org. for Packers and Panthers 3 letters NFC
Gazillions 6 letters OODLES
It isn’t so easy on the eyes 4 letters MACE
Main ingredient in pesto 5 letters BASIL
Superhero suit material 5 letters LATEX
to one surprised by how quickly something happened 12 letters JUSTLIKETHAT
Gallery contents in Spain 4 letters ARTE
Like a checked-out library book 6 letters ONLOAN
It’s back-to-back with Miss. 3 letters ALA
Used an emery board 5 letters FILED
65-Across to a beatnik 9 letters ICANDIGIT
Reads Braille 5 letters FEELS
Bona ___ (genuine) 4 letters FIDE
Athens aperitif 4 letters OUZO
Automotive lemon of note 5 letters EDSEL
East Coast ice cream brand 4 letters EDYS
Finger sound that’s the subject of this puzzle 4 letters SNAP
Salmon variety 4 letters COHO
Magnum ___ (masterpiece) 4 letters OPUS
Nothing more than 4 letters MERE
Drop the ball say 3 letters ERR
Catty 5 letters SNIDE
___ the heels of 5 letters HOTON
Loan shark’s offense 5 letters USURY
Like a universal donor’s blood 5 letters TYPEO
Craven of horror 3 letters WES
Ensures there are no strings attached? 6 letters UNTIES
Like some grab-and-go meals 10 letters READYTOEAT
🙂 10 letters SMILEYFACE
Wheels on a motorway 5 letters TYRES
Blathers 4 letters YAPS
Coercion 6 letters DURESS
Three Musketeers’ word 3 letters ONE
Impolite 4 letters RUDE
Extended family group 4 letters CLAN
Like the cars at Texas’ Cadillac Ranch 10 letters HALFBURIED
Robby Benson figure-skating film 10 letters ICECASTLES
Awesome! 6 letters COOLIO
PC monitor type 3 letters LCD
Three Musketeers’ word 3 letters ALL
Lamenter’s feeling 3 letters WOE
Fearsome dino 4 letters TREX
Make dirty 4 letters SOIL
It’s always getting stepped on 3 letters MAT
Fifty Shades Freed heroine Anastasia 6 letters STEELE
Get as a job or a fish 4 letters LAND
Author Rona 5 letters JAFFE
Spoon’s neighbor 5 letters KNIFE
Legendary Spanish hero 5 letters ELCID
Sycophant 5 letters TOADY
Michael Jordan’s underwear brand 5 letters HANES
Janie’s Got ___ (Aerosmith classic) 4 letters AGUN
Minnelli of Cabaret 4 letters LIZA
Resting on 4 letters ATOP
Internet access initials 3 letters DSL
Android alternative 3 letters IOS

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