Universal Crossword February 3 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword February 3 2023 Answers:

Name-o of a dog in children’s music 5 letters BINGO
Undercover name 5 letters ALIAS
Bouncers check them 3 letters IDS
All thumbs 5 letters INEPT
Hidden drawback 5 letters CATCH
Scram! 3 letters GIT
Supernatural role for Bill Murray or Kate McKinnon 11 letters GHOSTBUSTER
Praiseful poem 3 letters ODE
Soak (up) as sauce 3 letters SOP
Manual propeller 3 letters OAR
Gimme five! 5 letters UPTOP
Shades of color 4 letters HUES
Cars perfect for tailgate parties 10 letters HATCHBACKS
Blender brand 5 letters OSTER
Horror director Roth 3 letters ELI
Masala ___ (Indian drink) 4 letters CHAI
Impatient and irritable 5 letters TESTY
Furious 5 letters IRATE
Writer Rand 3 letters AYN
Why upstairs is warmer in winter and a hint to the placement of the pepper varieties in this puzzle 9 letters HEATRISES
Joke or fell for a joke 3 letters BIT
Kind of power for old locomotives 5 letters STEAM
The ___: Generation Q 5 letters LWORD
Boo-boo 4 letters OWIE
Cable network that airs indie films 3 letters TMC
More rational 5 letters SANER
Somewhat fruit-shaped bicycle saddle 10 letters BANANASEAT
Dish list 4 letters MENU
Invite out for 5 letters ASKTO
Rapper and actor ___ Def 3 letters MOS
Scot’s flat hat 3 letters TAM
___ Last of Us 3 letters THE
Retro flared jeans 11 letters BELLBOTTOMS
Place for an AirPod 3 letters EAR
In-app shopping e.g. 5 letters ETAIL
Gosh you shouldn’t have 5 letters AWGEE
Your browser might block them 3 letters ADS
Soup scoop 5 letters LADLE
Hen’s perch 5 letters ROOST
Top dog 7 letters BIGSHOT
Not made by a freelancer 7 letters INHOUSE
Faddish virtual critters of the early 2000s 7 letters NEOPETS
It may show the way 3 letters GPS
A Man Called ___ (Tom Hanks film) 4 letters OTTO
High-end Honda 5 letters ACURA
___ Cruces N.M. 3 letters LAS
Hairy Addams cousin 3 letters ITT
High card 3 letters ACE
Gardenia or oleander 5 letters SHRUB
Tricked you! 7 letters IGOTCHA
Got a B say 7 letters DIDOKAY
Intervenes 7 letters STEPSIN
Humbug! lead-in 3 letters BAH
Ms. ___-Man 3 letters PAC
Late-night host Meyers 4 letters SETH
Condo patio 7 letters TERRACE
Insurance case 5 letters CLAIM
Chart-toppers 4 letters HITS
Marbled breads 4 letters RYES
Things in a grocery cart 5 letters ITEMS
Electric fish 4 letters EELS
Naan flour 4 letters ATTA
Did laps 4 letters SWAM
Drink with chewy tapioca balls 7 letters BOBATEA
They tricked me! 7 letters IWASHAD
Fiddles around (with) 7 letters TINKERS
We’re almost done! 7 letters ONETOGO
Gives a new title 7 letters RENAMES
Rhythm-keeping kit 7 letters DRUMSET
Enjoy a taco say 3 letters EAT
Prize won by Malala Yousafzai 5 letters NOBEL
Stroll along 5 letters AMBLE
Also 3 letters TOO
The sun is one 4 letters STAR
H to Athena 3 letters ETA
Wee fellow 3 letters LAD
Wee in rap names 3 letters LIL
Number of jokers in a deck of cards 3 letters TWO

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