Universal Crossword February 28 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword February 28 2021 Answers:

Natural Band-Aid? 4 letters SCAB
Grim 5 letters BLEAK
Brevity is the soul of ___ 3 letters WIT
Greiner on Shark Tank 4 letters LORI
Sleeve type 6 letters RAGLAN
Weeding tool 3 letters HOE
Early Sacha Baron Cohen character 4 letters ALIG
Change like a Pokemon 6 letters EVOLVE
Female sheep 3 letters EWE
Pair of sounds 6 letters BAABAA
Fibrous cereal base 7 letters OATBRAN
That’s for sure! 6 letters ANDHOW
Charge that might be hidden 3 letters FEE
Lip balm company that once sold honey 9 letters BURTSBEES
Muhammad’s undefeated daughter 5 letters LAILA
Stock debut briefly 3 letters IPO
Word before guess or West 4 letters WILD
To wrap up … 5 letters INSUM
Multimedia artist Yoko 3 letters ONO
Redundant follower of tail 3 letters END
Vehicle associated with tricks 7 letters BMXBIKE
Directs (to) 6 letters REFERS
Sweetheart 3 letters BAE
Great Basin natives 4 letters UTES
People you used to date 4 letters EXES
Trash TV character? 5 letters OSCAR
Vehicle associated with tracks 7 letters TROLLEY
Say a swear word 5 letters CURSE
They help fidget spinners spin 12 letters BALLBEARINGS
Dish whose greens should be massaged 9 letters KALESALAD
Company that buried thousands of unsold video game cartridges 5 letters ATARI
Wedding vows 4 letters IDOS
Repair 4 letters MEND
Sophia of The Life Ahead 5 letters LOREN
Secret admirer’s sign-off 4 letters XOXO
Pop artist Warhol 4 letters ANDY
Matching groups 4 letters SETS
Large piece of fudge 4 letters SLAB
Coca-___ 4 letters COLA
Opera solo 4 letters ARIA
Heavy hitter in baseball slang 6 letters BIGBAT
Brits’ boxes for loaves 9 letters BREADBINS
Loo 3 letters LAV
Self-importance 3 letters EGO
Green-lights 6 letters ALLOWS
Bitter Polynesian beverage 4 letters KAVA
Search query? 9 letters WHEREISIT
State north of Missouri 4 letters IOWA
Malala Yousafzai was one when she won a Nobel Prize 4 letters TEEN
Hulu competitor 7 letters NETFLIX
Question in Jeopardy! 6 letters ANSWER
Vegetarian Mexican foods that are rolled 12 letters BEANBURRITOS
Clung onto 4 letters HELD
Ref. with thousands of definitions 3 letters OED
Free your pores brand 5 letters BIORE
First in the queue 6 letters UPNEXT
Person whose work goes over your head? 6 letters ROOFER
Cage or Skywalker 4 letters LUKE
College town in 4 letters AMES
Many four-year degs. 3 letters BAS
City home to the Kaaba 5 letters MECCA
1962 Paul Anka song subtitled (That Kiss) 7 letters ESOBESO
BTS or the Jonas Brothers 7 letters BOYBAND
Hearing-related 5 letters AURAL
___ Cruces New Mexico 3 letters LAS
Peruvian pack animal 5 letters LLAMA
Comic DeGeneres 5 letters ELLEN
Small drum informally 5 letters SNARE
White-plumed wader 5 letters EGRET
Vortex 4 letters EDDY
Wrath and sloth 4 letters SINS
Puffed corn cereal 3 letters KIX
Brouhaha 3 letters ADO
Smoky topper for a bagel 3 letters LOX

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