Universal Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Off in the distance 4 letters AFAR
Scary giant 4 letters OGRE
Hangs in there 5 letters LASTS
Big name in pineapple 4 letters DOLE
Swamp menace informally 4 letters CROC
Greek leader? 5 letters ALPHA
Gymnastics gold medalist Kerri 5 letters STRUG
Baron’s title 4 letters LORD
It may mean Pet me! 4 letters MEOW
Opera princess who loves Radames 4 letters AIDA
Payment promises 4 letters IOUS
Rhinoceros part 4 letters HORN
Daisylike flowers 6 letters ASTERS
Slightly cracked 4 letters AJAR
Spy org. that split up in 1991 3 letters KGB
___ it snappy! 4 letters MAKE
Stretch of history 3 letters ERA
Sci-fi princess who loves Han 4 letters LEIA
CIA’s predecessor 3 letters OSS
Grape or tomato holder 4 letters VINE
Floppy-eared hound 6 letters BASSET
Last word of a prayer 4 letters AMEN
Donate 4 letters GIVE
Drink at a sushi bar 4 letters SAKE
Catch ya later in London 4 letters TATA
Children hunt for them annually 4 letters EGGS
Double checkers? 5 letters KINGS
Commonly misused adverb or how to read the clues to 17- 36- and 42-Across 9 letters LITERALLY
Like the best-case scenario 5 letters IDEAL
Swear to 4 letters AVOW
Minute ___ (juice brand) 4 letters MAID
Like the screws in eyeglasses 5 letters TEENY
Achy 4 letters SORE
Pros at saving lives 4 letters EMTS
The second word of this clue e.g.: Abbr. 3 letters ADJ
Fair’s opposite 4 letters FOUL
Additionally 4 letters ALSO
Pet that may be golden 9 letters RETRIEVER
Condition with rituals briefly 3 letters OCD
International bakers’ units 5 letters GRAMS
Flower on a float 4 letters ROSE
Automatic response to a call? 4 letters ECHO
___ Vegas Aces 3 letters LAS
Wedding site 5 letters ALTAR
Parts of a fire safety system 10 letters SPRINKLERS
Ungraceful landing sound 4 letters THUD
Multiseason show’s storyline perhaps 4 letters SAGA
Love to pieces 5 letters ADORE
Alphabetically first of the five W’s 4 letters WHAT
Seabees’ org. 3 letters USN
… man ___ mouse? 3 letters ORA
Have the intention of 5 letters AIMTO
Iranian leaders once 5 letters SHAHS
Protests during the national anthem 10 letters TAKESAKNEE
Button on an electronic contract 5 letters AGREE
Rock icon Jett 4 letters JOAN
Tour leader 5 letters GUIDE
Monster 5 letters BEAST
Marine bird 4 letters TERN
Its final score may be 20-21 9 letters CLOSEGAME
The night before 3 letters EVE
You ___ lyin’! 4 letters AINT
___-Wan Kenobi 3 letters OBI
Seesaw on a decision 5 letters WAVER
Will & Grace Emmy winner Mullally 5 letters MEGAN
Swamp menace informally 5 letters GATOR
Comedy sketch 4 letters SKIT
Political assistant 4 letters AIDE
Sad to say … 4 letters ALAS
Pioneering DVR 4 letters TIVO
Glitzy rock style 4 letters GLAM
Cut as a well-taped box 4 letters SLIT
Crafty 3 letters SLY
Lamb’s mother 3 letters EWE
Three-ft. measures 3 letters YDS

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