Universal Crossword February 22 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword February 22 2021 Answers:

Taunt 4 letters JEER
Tale about Troy 5 letters ILIAD
Pow! 4 letters WHAM
Car bar 4 letters AXLE
Singer’s span 5 letters RANGE
Angel’s ring 4 letters HALO
Someone who makes the cut? 10 letters WOODWORKER
Has a bug 4 letters AILS
Pint-sized 5 letters DINKY
Team at Texas’ Minute Maid Park 6 letters ASTROS
Betting settings 7 letters CASINOS
Cab alternative? 3 letters ZIN
Piglet’s place 3 letters STY
Prep school whose rival is Andover 6 letters EXETER
City southwest of Chicago 6 letters JOLIET
Illuminated 3 letters LIT
Business major’s subj. 4 letters ECON
Doughnut cooker 5 letters FRYER
Lucky finds in mines 5 letters LODES
Maui music maker briefly 3 letters UKE
Untrue 5 letters FALSCH
Rolex competitor 5 letters OMEGA
Word before drive or pilot 4 letters TEST
Part of TGIF 3 letters ITS
Crossword enthusiast 6 letters SOLVER
Counterbalance 6 letters OFFSET
Slalom slider 3 letters SKI
Driver’s license datum symbolized by a letter 3 letters SEX
Dreams up 7 letters CREATES
Ready to roll 6 letters INGEAR
Not live 5 letters TAPED
Comedian Carvey 4 letters DANA
Someone who makes a long story short? 10 letters BOOKEDITOR
On any occasion 4 letters EVER
___ forces 5 letters ARMED
Valley north of San Francisco 4 letters NAPA
Marriage Story Oscar winner Laura 4 letters DERN
Rodeo rope 5 letters LASSO
Wind blast 4 letters GUST
Teeth holder 3 letters JAW
Skeleton opening? 3 letters EXO
Don’t Bring Me Down grp. 3 letters ELO
Site with an r/crossword page 6 letters REDDIT
Steel factory input 7 letters IRONORE
Small songbirds 5 letters LARKS
Jet-black 4 letters INKY
Ripen 3 letters AGE
Go off the track 6 letters DERAIL
Come again? 4 letters WHAT
Someone who makes waves? 11 letters HAIRSTYLIST
Parcel out 5 letters ALLOT
Like some tree trunks 5 letters MOSSY
Goblet filler 4 letters WINE
Check for odors 5 letters SNIFF
String quartet member 5 letters CELLO
Truism 5 letters AXIOM
Someone who makes a scene? 11 letters SETDESIGNER
Time divisions 5 letters ZONES
Card often removed from a deck 5 letters JOKER
Historic period 3 letters ERA
Nail care brand 5 letters CUTEX
Lauder of cosmetics 5 letters ESTEE
Takes a break 5 letters RESTS
Criticism may bruise it 3 letters EGO
Chip dip 5 letters SALSA
Submarine weapon 7 letters TORPEDO
Like some agreements 6 letters VERBAL
Cow chow 4 letters FEED
Losing color 6 letters FADING
Agreed (with) 5 letters SIDED
Scoundrel 5 letters KNAVE
Birthday desserts 5 letters CAKES
Merit 4 letters EARN
Certain turkeys 4 letters TOMS
British singer Rita 3 letters ORA
Letter after sigma 3 letters TAU
Photo ___ (chances for pics) 3 letters OPS
Chinese zodiac rodent 3 letters RAT

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