Universal Crossword December 9 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword December 9 2022 Answers:

All the best alternative 6 letters ASEVER
Czech or Pole 4 letters SLAV
Comedian Margaret 3 letters CHO
Congresswoman Waters 6 letters MAXINE
Water main e.g. 4 letters PIPE
Dispose (of) 3 letters RID
*Skip the queues? 11 letters BYPASSLINES
___ Maria 3 letters AVE
Ambient music pioneer Brian 3 letters ENO
Give the boot 3 letters CAN
Holy See leader 4 letters POPE
Noted sled of cinema 7 letters ROSEBUD
Don’t know 7 letters BEATSME
*Fashion for the boundary-crossing type? 12 letters TRESPASSCHIC
___ Paulo 3 letters SAO
Inside the NBA airer 3 letters TNT
Yoko of the Fluxus art movement 3 letters ONO
*Log-in requirement for the Wi-Fi in heaven? 13 letters PASSWORDOFGOD
Mandible 3 letters JAW
401(k) kin 3 letters IRA
Chew and swallow 3 letters EAT
*Travel documents held in flash drives? 12 letters USBPASSPORTS
Astronomer whose name is repeated five times successively in Bohemian Rhapsody 7 letters GALILEO
Household annoyance for some cat and dog owners 7 letters PETHAIR
Copenhagen resident 4 letters DANE
Beer barrel 3 letters KEG
Air pump meas. 3 letters PSI
Furniture that might be inflatable 3 letters BED
Sitting this one out … or a hint to the starred clues’ answers 11 letters TAKINGAPASS
Single 3 letters ONE
Graph line 4 letters AXIS
Accumulate over time 6 letters ACCRUE
Propane for one 3 letters GAS
BIC Cristals e.g. 4 letters PENS
End of Lent 6 letters EASTER
Honey-colored 5 letters AMBER
Decline 5 letters SAYNO
Trade shows 5 letters EXPOS
By way of 3 letters VIA
Middle of planning? 3 letters ENS
Save 6 letters RESCUE
P.R. slant 4 letters SPIN
Former Knick Jeremy 3 letters LIN
Koko or Kong 3 letters APE
Scooters frequently seen in Rome 6 letters VESPAS
It’s a gamble 9 letters CRAPSHOOT
Collective intelligence like that of ants or internet users 8 letters HIVEMIND
Poetic tribute 3 letters ODE
Young fellas 4 letters LADS
Non-Rx 3 letters OTC
SFO guesses 4 letters ETAS
Super Mario ___ 4 letters BROS
Ring or musicians at a wedding 4 letters BAND
This in Spanish 4 letters ESTO
Earth-friendly prefix 3 letters ECO
Letter-shaped sink part 5 letters PTRAP
Tool parts with teeth 9 letters SAWBLADES
Caltech’s city 8 letters PASADENA
Sage 4 letters WISE
… roughly 4 letters ORSO
Boba of Star Wars 4 letters FETT
Nasty cut 4 letters GASH
Home brew container 3 letters JUG
One of 100 in a Wii Sports Resort bowling game 3 letters PIN
Valve on a 54-Across 6 letters ALETAP
___-door policy 4 letters OPEN
Jamaican music genre 6 letters REGGAE
Things fall ___; the centre cannot hold 5 letters APART
Individual People? 5 letters ISSUE
Vertical stair component 5 letters RISER
Word after French and chef’s 4 letters KISS
Marsh 3 letters BOG
Give the boot: Var. 3 letters AXE
Family 3 letters KIN
Landmark 2010 legislation for short 3 letters ACA
Some desktops 3 letters PCS

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