Universal Crossword December 2 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword December 2 2021 Answers:

Analyze syntactically 5 letters PARSE
Emailed a dupe to 4 letters CCED
Officials at Phillies games briefly 4 letters UMPS
Let up 5 letters ABATE
Big name in chips 4 letters LAYS
Game on horseback 4 letters POLO
*Like community government (Hint: Note the letters that bookend both words of each starred clue’s answer … and what these letters collectively spell) 10 letters LOCALLEVEL
Coffee maker sound 4 letters DRIP
All tied up 4 letters EVEN
All fired up 4 letters AVID
Fills to excess 5 letters SATES
Flushed 3 letters RED
After expenses 3 letters NET
Opposite of baja 4 letters ALTA
*All the other people 12 letters EVERYONEELSE
One who values actions over words? 4 letters MIME
Broke bread 3 letters ATE
Most eco-friendly dryer? 3 letters SUN
Just play along 7 letters HUMORME
Answered 7 letters REPLIED
Cable network with a patriotic name 3 letters USA
What jowls do 3 letters SAG
Charged particles 4 letters IONS
*Spurring into action 12 letters GETTINGGOING
Call to a mate 4 letters AHOY
Curved path 3 letters ARC
Blond shade 3 letters ASH
Late general Powell 5 letters COLIN
Adjective for a shoppe 4 letters OLDE
Chimney channel 4 letters FLUE
Smell from a trash bag 4 letters ODOR
*Receipts 10 letters SALESSLIPS
Clutter 4 letters MESS
Norse god associated with lightning 4 letters THOR
Judges’ attire 5 letters ROBES
(Check this out!) 4 letters PSST
Baby beagles 4 letters PUPS
Steeple’s tip 5 letters SPIRE
Less ruddy 5 letters PALER
Situated over 5 letters ABOVE
Sped 5 letters RACED
Baseball legend Musial 4 letters STAN
Word hidden in three letters 3 letters EEL
Smart 6 letters CLEVER
What a filling fills 6 letters CAVITY
Watched warily 4 letters EYED
Internet connection initials 3 letters DSL
Modernize 6 letters UPDATE
Serious sermon subject 9 letters MORTALSIN
Ballet bend 4 letters PLIE
Absorbs with up 4 letters SOPS
Narrow street 4 letters LANE
Ignore the alarm clock 7 letters SLEEPIN
Penny perhaps in poker 4 letters ANTE
Moody music genre 3 letters EMO
Rendition 7 letters VERSION
Crew member’s implement 3 letters OAR
Takes legal action 4 letters SUES
5 p.m. say for a workday 3 letters END
Ponder (over) 4 letters MUSE
No clue 9 letters IMATALOSS
Embrace 3 letters HUG
A whole bunch of 4 letters MANY
Thing in an incubator 3 letters EGG
Captain’s journal 3 letters LOG
Craving that needs quenching 6 letters THIRST
Pace faster than a canter 6 letters GALLOP
They may be marching 6 letters ORDERS
Frosts as a cake 4 letters ICES
Cover story? 5 letters ALIBI
Terrific 5 letters SUPER
Siddhartha author Hermann 5 letters HESSE
Provide for free 4 letters COMP
Uplifting poems 4 letters ODES
Diamond Head’s locale 4 letters OAHU
Box office bomb 4 letters FLOP
Motor oil brand 3 letters STP
AARP members: Abbr. 3 letters SRS

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