Universal Crossword August 6 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword August 6 2022 Answers:

Type of boat lodged in Niagara Falls for more than 100 years 4 letters SCOW
Rapper’s rhythmic pattern 4 letters FLOW
Gem with a play of color 4 letters OPAL
Hedging words in an estimate 4 letters ORSO
Big game venue 5 letters ARENA
Fancy fabric spelled with the same consonants as limo 4 letters LAME
Midnite Vultures singer-songwriter 4 letters BECK
Perfect pair 10 letters PEASINAPOD
Word before lettuce or cucumber 3 letters SEA
For real? 11 letters ISTHATAFACT
Moralistic types 6 letters PRUDES
Drink like a cat 3 letters LAP
British bathroom 3 letters LOO
Shows excess concern 6 letters FUSSES
Room littered with dirty clothes e.g. 4 letters MESS
Sleep disorder 5 letters APNEA
Able to be tried 4 letters SANE
Edge of a hat 4 letters BRIM
Made with more than just Nestle Toll House chips say 15 letters DOUBLECHOCOLATE
Certain gender-fluid person for short 4 letters ENBY
Where insults are said to stick 4 letters CRAW
Voltaire religiously 5 letters DEIST
One might be personal or technical 4 letters FOUL
Talks immodestly 6 letters BOASTS
Donkey 3 letters ASS
Korean American actor Philip 3 letters AHN
Forum regular who doesn’t post messages 6 letters LURKER
Damage control experts 11 letters SPINDOCTORS
Not trans 3 letters CIS
Prime time? 10 letters FINESTHOUR
Apiece 4 letters EACH
A single time 4 letters ONCE
Vowels in Old MacDonald 5 letters EIEIO
Site such as Fandom 4 letters WIKI
Wetland growth 4 letters REED
Not as much 4 letters LESS
Singer born Eithne Padraigin Ni Bhraonain 4 letters ENYA
Weeps 4 letters SOBS
Furtively approach 9 letters CREEPUPON
Academy slight 9 letters OSCARSNUB
Moo goo gai pan pan 3 letters WOK
Worries 5 letters FRETS
Remini of The King of Queens 4 letters LEAH
Product line? 9 letters ONSALENOW
Hold on! 8 letters WAITASEC
Minnesota’s St. ___ College 4 letters OLAF
Like the Holy See 5 letters PAPAL
BP subsidiary 5 letters AMOCO
Resulted in 5 letters LEDTO
Vaulted recesses of churches 5 letters APSES
They should last 10-20 minutes per many sleep experts 4 letters NAPS
Perfect 5 letters IDEAL
Lead-in to a cooking date? 5 letters USEBY
Become dim 4 letters FADE
Taj ___ 5 letters MAHAL
Certain ponytail holder 9 letters SCRUNCHIE
Dreary 5 letters BLEAK
Create a disturbance 9 letters RAISECAIN
Hard to know what to do 9 letters ITSTRICKY
Citi Field players 4 letters METS
Lodging that may be LEED-certified 8 letters ECOHOTEL
Noble gases lack them 5 letters ODORS
Beanie Babies and Wordle for two 4 letters FADS
Southwestern pack animal 5 letters BURRO
In regard to 5 letters ASFOR
Book title spot 5 letters SPINE
Well ___ you asked … 5 letters SINCE
Designer Vuitton 5 letters LOUIS
Have to have 4 letters NEED
Little piggies 4 letters TOES
Twelvers’ Islamic branch 4 letters SHIA
Lamb’s mom 3 letters EWE

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