Universal Crossword August 5 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword August 5 2022 Answers:

Fiscal bigwig 3 letters CFO
Love to pieces 5 letters ADORE
Intel-gathering mission 5 letters RECON
Place to go in London? 3 letters LAV
Car part used on a rainy day 5 letters WIPER
Get hitched in Vegas say 5 letters ELOPE
Sixteenth prez 3 letters ABE
*Summer theme park attractions 11 letters WATERSLIDES
Knighted folks 4 letters SIRS
File format that’s often mispronounced 3 letters GIF
Inventor’s goal 6 letters PATENT
*Researchers on track to be profs 8 letters POSTDOCS
Enjoyed some pad thai 3 letters ATE
Tender cut of pork 4 letters LOIN
Deep Rock Galactic resource 3 letters ORE
Bestie 3 letters BFF
Seattle has the only zero-carbon one in the world 5 letters ARENA
Big ol’ nerd 4 letters DORK
Romantic partner 4 letters BEAU
*Bed coverings that are unfit for a king? 15 letters QUEENSIZESHEETS
Diamond specialists? 4 letters UMPS
… ish 4 letters ORSO
Units of land 5 letters ACRES
Total jerk 3 letters ASS
Whopper 3 letters LIE
Messy person 4 letters SLOB
Body part with a hammer anvil and stirrup 3 letters EAR
*Movies books paintings etc. 8 letters ARTFORMS
___ Fire (indie rock band) 6 letters ARCADE
Samosa morsel 3 letters PEA
Big jump 4 letters LEAP
Cloud storage option whose apps are featured at the ends of the starred clues’ answers 11 letters GOOGLEDRIVE
Like dry wit 3 letters WRY
Author Zola 5 letters EMILE
Not serious 5 letters JOKEY
Part of the psyche 3 letters EGO
Great ___ (big dogs) 5 letters DANES
Disparaging 5 letters SNIDE
Kylo ___ 3 letters REN
Hold tightly 5 letters CLASP
One-named model known for romance novel covers 5 letters FABIO
Hits snooze too many times 10 letters OVERSLEEPS
That kitten is SO cute 3 letters AWW
___ Alley (wizards’ shopping hub) 6 letters DIAGON
Vision-related 5 letters OPTIC
Coral ___ (home to 25% of all marine life) 5 letters REEFS
Screw up 3 letters ERR
Sympathize 6 letters RELATE
Best of the best 5 letters ELITE
A cryptographer might crack one 4 letters CODE
Neon sign word 4 letters OPEN
Twitter headquarters? 4 letters NEST
L.A.’s WNBA team 6 letters SPARKS
They might be skipped 6 letters STONES
Conservationist Fossey 4 letters DIAN
Milk’s favorite cookie 4 letters OREO
Person who buys hops 10 letters BEERBREWER
Destiny 4 letters FATE
Hullabaloo 4 letters FUSS
Color similar to teal 4 letters AQUA
Captain Morgan products 4 letters RUMS
Like a bad situation 4 letters DIRE
Lb. parts 3 letters OZS
Just act natural! 6 letters BECOOL
Evening party 6 letters SOIREE
50% 4 letters HALF
Punch bowl utensils 6 letters LADLES
Fended (off) 6 letters STAVED
Bald bird 5 letters EAGLE
Garment that protects against splatter 5 letters APRON
Japanese energy healing 5 letters REIKI
Simpson with a blue beehive hairstyle 5 letters MARGE
Watch secretly 5 letters SPYON
Like some wine or cheese 4 letters AGED
Tomato variety 4 letters ROMA
Heads or tails item 4 letters COIN
Uses a turntable 3 letters DJS
Optometrist’s organ 3 letters EYE

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