Universal Crossword August 3 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword August 3 2021 Answers:

So close! 6 letters ALMOST
Promotion on a podcast say 4 letters PLUG
Rx from Dr. Mom 3 letters TLC
One may devour Chocolat 6 letters READER
Flight-related prefix 4 letters AERO
Snicker syllable 3 letters HEH
When to sample wedding desserts 11 letters CAKETASTING
Night before a holiday 3 letters EVE
Pronoun for Rihanna 3 letters SHE
Sitter’s handfuls 4 letters IMPS
Bert’s foil on Sesame Street 5 letters ERNIE
Know by intuition 5 letters SENSE
Exams scored from 1-5 7 letters APTESTS
___ gobi (Indian dish) 4 letters ALOO
When to present a case 9 letters COURTDATE
Like a trampoline 6 letters BOUNCY
They’re capped above two feet 5 letters KNEES
Snip 3 letters CUT
Tracking device 7 letters LOCATOR
Fir fluid 3 letters SAP
Suspicious 5 letters FISHY
Lead-in to intellectual 6 letters PSEUDO
When to test an app 9 letters BETAPHASE
Exchange of cross words 4 letters SPAT
Common autobiography subtitle 7 letters AMEMOIR
Arrange as a shawl 5 letters DRAPE
Like proofed dough 5 letters RISEN
Mask or cloak 4 letters VEIL
Softball stat 3 letters RBI
___ get over it 3 letters ILL
Taxing periods and a hint to 17- 30- and 45-Across 11 letters TRYINGTIMES
Boyz n the Hood actress Long 3 letters NIA
Tablet some take to bed 4 letters IPAD
Gloria Estefan’s Cuban birthplace 6 letters HAVANA
What an electric car doesn’t use 3 letters GAS
They may be stroked or inflated 4 letters EGOS
In now 6 letters TRENDY
Story trajectories 4 letters ARCS
Rachel’s biblical sister 4 letters LEAH
Gets to first base 8 letters MAKESOUT
Reverent poem 3 letters ODE
Take effect 5 letters SETIN
Streetcars 5 letters TRAMS
Rewards for good boys 4 letters PATS
Floral garland 3 letters LEI
Decorative vase 3 letters URN
Very enterprising people 9 letters GOGETTERS
Cryptography org. 6 letters THENSA
Actor Joseph Gordon-___ 6 letters LEVITT
Nacho topping 6 letters CHEESE
Design detail for short 4 letters SPEC
Some lipstick shades 4 letters REDS
For-ev-er 3 letters EON
Julia Roberts to Emma Roberts 4 letters AUNT
Before surgery informally 5 letters PREOP
Jackson 5 hit with an alphabetical title 3 letters ABC
Skip to My ___ 3 letters LOU
Gives the green light 5 letters OKAYS
Grade school semiformal accessory 9 letters CLIPONTIE
Nintendo dinosaur 5 letters YOSHI
Blacken 4 letters CHAR
Powerful DC figure? 8 letters SUPERMAN
Computing pioneer Lovelace 3 letters ADA
Drum for a toddler maybe 3 letters POT
Renown 4 letters FAME
Clairvoyance e.g. briefly 3 letters ESP
Revealing as one’s soul 6 letters BARING
Clarke who played Mother of Dragons 6 letters EMILIA
Certain electric cars 6 letters TESLAS
Perfect garden 4 letters EDEN
This way: —> 5 letters RIGHT
Place to exchange rings 5 letters ALTAR
TikTok content casually 4 letters VIDS
Stretch as the truth 4 letters BEND
My word! 4 letters ISAY
D&D e.g. 3 letters RPG
NBA legend Ming 3 letters YAO
___ been drinkin’ … (Beyonce lyric) 3 letters IVE

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