Universal Crossword August 2 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword August 2 2021 Answers:

Free stuff 4 letters SWAG
Give it a ___! 4 letters REST
Rolls a heavy ball 5 letters BOWLS
Seventh most populous state 4 letters OHIO
Labyrinthine furniture store 4 letters IKEA
Month whose name comes from the Latin for to open 5 letters APRIL
Misplace one of the red root vegetables? 9 letters LOSEABEET
Flair 5 letters STYLE
Litigious warning 6 letters ILLSUE
Org. in Netflix’s Away 4 letters NASA
Barrett of Pink Floyd 3 letters SYD
Sweet ___ (Always Sunny nickname) 3 letters DEE
Empire State newspaper: Abbr. 3 letters NYT
Grad 4 letters ALUM
What teas may do on a hot day? 12 letters STEEPOUTSIDE
Contraction before mate 4 letters GDAY
Grammy winner Aimee 4 letters MANN
Flair 4 letters ELAN
Regard 4 letters DEEM
Sleeper’s woe 5 letters APNEA
Tear to bits 4 letters REND
Vegan cookie 4 letters OREO
Princess played by Carrie Fisher 4 letters LEIA
Board game with tiny cannons 4 letters RISK
Belief in doing things before they’re cool? 12 letters HIPSTERCREED
Just or just OK 4 letters FAIR
CT scan alternative 3 letters MRI
Comedian Gaffigan 3 letters JIM
Common joke setting 3 letters BAR
Hurt as a toe 4 letters STUB
No longer fastened 6 letters UNDONE
Makes changes to 5 letters EDITS
Club for marshmallow chick lovers? 9 letters PEEPSQUAD
Grp. with 27 nations 5 letters THEEU
Dash as a cat may do toward an open door 4 letters DART
Enchanted character of kid lit 4 letters ELLA
Confuse 5 letters ADDLE
Yours and mine 4 letters OURS
Farmer’s place in a rhyme 4 letters DELL
Of a single color 5 letters SOLID
Like unprocessed foods 5 letters WHOLE
What some politicians reach across with the 5 letters AISLE
That’s the way it ___ 4 letters GOES
Rare treat perhaps? 6 letters RIBEYE
Just squeak (out) 3 letters EKE
Witnessed 4 letters SEEN
Adios in London 4 letters TATA
Rock formed by lava 6 letters BASALT
Choice word? 3 letters OPT
Some crooked expressions 9 letters WRYSMILES
___ pad (pond perch) 4 letters LILY
Musher’s vehicle 4 letters SLED
Dad’s sis maybe: Var. 5 letters AUNTY
Place for a heated discussion? 5 letters SAUNA
Stabilize as chocolate 6 letters TEMPER
Password go-with 6 letters USERID
Stuffed Indian pastry 6 letters SAMOSA
Freak out 5 letters PANIC
Like some pushups 6 letters ONEARM
Clammy 4 letters DANK
Word before table or zone 3 letters END
Halliwell also known as Ginger Spice 4 letters GERI
Like fish and chips 9 letters DEEPFRIED
Verbal face-palm 3 letters DOH
Watchful 5 letters ALERT
Rider’s handful 5 letters REINS
Kleenex generically 6 letters TISSUE
Spews lava say 6 letters ERUPTS
Energy unit 5 letters JOULE
Counting everything 5 letters INALL
Earn an Olympic prize 5 letters MEDAL
It’s often buggy 4 letters BETA
Reason to take Ritalin for short 4 letters ADHD
Hairstyle such as a bun 4 letters UPDO
Regular guy? 4 letters BEAU
Kicked out of a contest briefly 4 letters DQED
No. on a business card 3 letters TEL
Go wrong 3 letters ERR

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