Universal Crossword August 18 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword August 18 2022 Answers:

Crew team’s poles 4 letters OARS
Ziti for one 5 letters PASTA
___ Lisa 4 letters MONA
Stuff from a shopping trip slangily 4 letters HAUL
Pale with shock 5 letters ASHEN
Sashes in Sapporo 4 letters OBIS
Mufasa’s hair 4 letters MANE
Gain an upper hand minus the secret word 10 letters TURNTABLES
Phobia 4 letters FEAR
Modify as a photo 4 letters EDIT
About 98% of Antarctica’s surface 3 letters ICE
Commit accounting fraud minus the secret word 9 letters COOKBOOKS
Pilsner beer e.g. 5 letters LAGER
Word before wash or pool 3 letters CAR
Show with Featured Players briefly 3 letters SNL
Most secure 6 letters SAFEST
Improv piece 4 letters SKIT
Cease’s partner 6 letters DESIST
2006 crime film starring Leonardo DiCaprio or a theme hint 11 letters THEDEPARTED
Indifferent to ethics 6 letters AMORAL
OMG hilarious! 4 letters ROFL
Sporadically available BBQ sandwiches 6 letters MCRIBS
I’ve got it! 3 letters AHA
Is free to 3 letters MAY
Got up 5 letters AROSE
Just in time minus the secret word 9 letters UNDERWIRE
Keanu in the Matrix series 3 letters NEO
City northwest of Las Vegas 4 letters RENO
Strap for Prancer 4 letters REIN
Manipulate rules to get an edge minus the secret word 10 letters GAMESYSTEM
State of stupefaction 4 letters DAZE
Soul vocalist Redding 4 letters OTIS
Like ghost stories 5 letters EERIE
English boarding school since 1440 4 letters ETON
Trickle 4 letters SEEP
Homeowners’ documents 5 letters DEEDS
Must-have 4 letters NEED
Volt/ampere 3 letters OHM
Towing org. 3 letters AAA
Get outta here quickly! 8 letters RUNFORIT
Smooth and shiny 5 letters SLEEK
Funder of the arts 6 letters PATRON
Tempe sch. 3 letters ASU
Princess Fiona’s husband 5 letters SHREK
Is inclined (to) 5 letters TENDS
Oppositional prefix 4 letters ANTI
Disorderly crowd 3 letters MOB
Legally compel 6 letters OBLIGE
North and Chicago West to Kylie Jenner 6 letters NIECES
State boldly 6 letters ASSERT
Title song of Etta James’ debut album 6 letters ATLAST
Core muscles 3 letters ABS
Keeps in the email loop 3 letters CCS
Wood for wine barrels 3 letters OAK
Born earlier 5 letters OLDER
In search of 5 letters AFTER
Knight’s title 3 letters SIR
Bangkok locals 5 letters THAIS
Eco-friendly org. 3 letters EPA
Bar food? 5 letters SALAD
Glowing fire remnants 6 letters EMBERS
Uno + uno 3 letters DOS
Exercise control over 8 letters DOMINATE
A ways away 3 letters FAR
Active ingredient in Drano 3 letters LYE
Fruits in many a chutney 6 letters MANGOS
Bring into being 6 letters CREATE
Dormmate say 6 letters ROOMIE
Mercury’s Greek equivalent 6 letters HERMES
Is for groups? 3 letters ARE
Eww I can’t ___ that! 5 letters UNSEE
___ Dame 5 letters NOTRE
Get broader 5 letters WIDEN
Stared at 4 letters EYED
Telepathic skill for short 3 letters ESP
Islam’s ___ al-Fitr 3 letters EID
Kravitz of Big Little Lies 3 letters ZOE
Termination 3 letters END

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