Universal Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Battle plan element 6 letters TACTIC
Word with reading or oil 4 letters PALM
Crew member’s need 3 letters OAR
Benjamin’s love in The Graduate 6 letters ELAINE
Mine in Marseille 4 letters AMOI
___ sighting 3 letters UFO
In this manner 6 letters LIKESO
Overthink maybe 8 letters READINTO
Md. athlete 4 letters TERP
Deejayed? 9 letters RANDANCES
Egyptian fertility goddess 4 letters ISIS
Motionless 5 letters INERT
Concert worker who kicks out overzealous fans? 11 letters STANREMOVER
More weird 6 letters EERIER
One may have a hole for a straw 3 letters LID
Touch of rouge 3 letters DAB
Changed as the Constitution 7 letters AMENDED
Stop meeting indefinitely 7 letters ADJOURN
Kung ___ chicken 3 letters PAO
Nyets in New York 3 letters NOS
Stranded by a winter storm 6 letters ICEDIN
Overcharge? 11 letters PADTHEPRICE
Common reaction to dust 5 letters ACHOO
Lessen like a burden 4 letters EASE
Result of a cereal factory malfunction? 9 letters BRANSTORM
4132-mile-long river 4 letters NILE
Be free 8 letters HAVETIME
Stubbornly demand 6 letters INSIST
Peace activist Yoko 3 letters ONO
Hydrox competitor 4 letters OREO
With 67-Across stay alert (for) … and a phonetic theme hint 6 letters KEEPAN
___ center (community space) 3 letters REC
Sheep enclosures 4 letters PENS
See 64-Across 6 letters EYEOUT
___ Aviv 3 letters TEL
Landed 4 letters ALIT
Wedding dessert 4 letters CAKE
Wedding dessert layer 4 letters TIER
Motivated 8 letters INSPIRED
Boss’s boss’s boss perhaps: Abbr. 3 letters CEO
Umbrella that isn’t designed to keep you dry 7 letters PARASOL
Church affirmation 4 letters AMEN
Fill as a truck 4 letters LOAD
Off the ground 6 letters MIDAIR
Sixteenth of a pound 5 letters OUNCE
Later than 5 letters AFTER
What chickens come home to do in a saying 5 letters ROOST
End of many a hotel name 3 letters INN
Grand Canyon viewing location 3 letters RIM
Sister of Venus 6 letters SERENA
The moon’s ___ of Tranquility 3 letters SEA
Office fill-in 4 letters TEMP
It may be metropolitan 4 letters AREA
Boy in Bogota 4 letters NINO
By way of 3 letters VIA
Little whirlpools 6 letters EDDIES
Thinker’s counterpart? 4 letters DOER
BMW rival 4 letters AUDI
___-a-brac 4 letters BRIC
Pentagon org. 3 letters DOD
Department store chain 8 letters JCPENNEY
Philadelphia-to-Albany dir. 3 letters NNE
Sound systems 7 letters STEREOS
Recovering from surgery informally 6 letters POSTOP
Meat at an omelet bar 3 letters HAM
Detest 5 letters ABHOR
Construction site sight 5 letters CRANE
Chaos 5 letters HAVOC
Number within loneliest 3 letters ONE
Lose steam 4 letters TIRE
Sign for the superstitious 4 letters OMEN
Common response from a therapist 4 letters ISEE
Fat removal procedure briefly 4 letters LIPO
Jacob’s brother 4 letters ESAU
Prez who served in WWII 3 letters IKE
Blasting letters 3 letters TNT

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