Universal Crossword April 7 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword April 7 2021 Answers:

Greet a monarch 3 letters BOW
Targets of certain combs 4 letters LICE
Protestant work ___ 5 letters ETHIC
Moby-Dick captain 4 letters AHAB
Latke topping 10 letters APPLESAUCE
Muslim sect 4 letters SHIA
*Political spending on pet projects (note letters 5 to 7 in this answer) 10 letters PORKBARREL
Living room piece 6 letters SETTEE
No ifs ands or ___! 4 letters BUTS
Toymaker for Santa 3 letters ELF
*With part of American Red Cross founder 5 letters CLARA
Heavy weight 3 letters TON
Dishwasher sound 5 letters SLOSH
Whom everybody loves 9 letters RAYBARONE
Three-layer cookie 4 letters OREO
Examines as a crystal ball 9 letters PEERSINTO
*With part of expelled from legal practice 3 letters DIS
Main color on China’s flag 3 letters RED
Leaders of small colonies? 9 letters QUEENANTS
Cohort before Gen Y 4 letters XERS
Gym snack 9 letters ENERGYBAR
By means of 5 letters USING
Palme ___ (Cannes award) 3 letters DOR
Ancient market 5 letters AGORA
According to 3 letters PER
*With part of It’s quite dark! 4 letters ICAN
Parisian palace 6 letters ELYSEE
Hot-and-cold dessert 10 letters PIEALAMODE
Take the chance 4 letters DARE
Artisans’ online shops 10 letters ETSYSTORES
The ugly duckling eventually 4 letters SWAN
That’s incorrect! 5 letters NOTSO
Show as one’s teeth 4 letters BARE
Some cross aves. 3 letters STS
They start and end on low notes 6 letters BASSES
Fancy meeting you here! 7 letters OHHELLO
Anticipate 7 letters WAITFOR
Flag pin’s place 5 letters LAPEL
Nasdaq debut 3 letters IPO
EMT’s specialty 3 letters CPR
Caribou relative 3 letters ELK
Biblical birthright seller 4 letters ESAU
Sour 4 letters TART
Their Eyes Were Watching God author 7 letters HURSTON
Diamonds in slang 3 letters ICE
Cartoon frame 3 letters CEL
Not ___ an eye 3 letters BAT
Flow back 3 letters EBB
Repeating exactly 7 letters ECHOING
Dadaist Jean 3 letters ARP
Issa of Awkward Black Girl 3 letters RAE
Yes to a sailor 3 letters AYE
Province by N.Y. 3 letters ONT
Romantic introduction? 3 letters NEO
Meal with a special plate 5 letters SEDER
Turn up the heat! 3 letters BRR
Without erotic attraction say 7 letters ASEXUAL
Six Flags draws 5 letters RIDES
Utter 3 letters SAY
Proof letters 3 letters QED
Cry in a popular card game 3 letters UNO
Most paranormal 7 letters EERIEST
LeBron James’ org. 3 letters NBA
Cleaning instructions’ location 3 letters TAG
Hit show initials 3 letters SRO
Some wood cutters 7 letters RIPSAWS
Give a mean look 7 letters SNEERAT
Salad basics 6 letters GREENS
Actress Witherspoon 5 letters REESE
Small islands 4 letters CAYS
As well 4 letters ALSO
___ Geo Wild 3 letters NAT
RB’s gains 3 letters YDS
One may be erasable 3 letters PEN
Judge Lance 3 letters ITO
Crowd around as a celebrity 3 letters MOB
… ___ lack thereof 3 letters ORA
German article 3 letters DER

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