Universal Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

CD’s second part? 4 letters DISC
What you make with a rake 4 letters PILE
Japanese comic style 5 letters MANGA
State south of Minnesota 4 letters IOWA
Frozen drink brand 4 letters ICEE
French for love 5 letters AMOUR
School storage spot marked with a Greek H? 9 letters ETALOCKER
Flood barrier 5 letters LEVEE
Relative of a bureau 6 letters AGENCY
Scottish girl who needs to see the doctor? 7 letters ILLLASS
Japanese drama style 3 letters NOH
Born in bios 3 letters NEE
Believer’s suffix 3 letters IST
Feeling during a highway race? 8 letters ROADRUSH
Dip served with salsa informally 4 letters GUAC
Other in Uruguay 4 letters OTRA
Arm bones 5 letters ULNAS
Buckeyes’ sch. 3 letters OSU
Chest protector 7 letters STERNUM
Din 7 letters CLATTER
Vegan protein source 3 letters SOY
Baffled 5 letters ATSEA
Currency in Oman 4 letters RIAL
Diamond Head’s island 4 letters OAHU
Have no corn? 8 letters LACKEARS
Elaborate Persian product 3 letters RUG
Battering ___ 3 letters RAM
___ v. Wade 3 letters ROE
With 62-Across Take that horse on a long journey handler? 7 letters RIDEAND
Pursue intently 6 letters GUNFOR
Desktop pictures 5 letters ICONS
See 56-Across 9 letters RIDEGROOM
Wards (off) 5 letters FENDS
The E in QED 4 letters ERAT
I’m ___ you! 4 letters ONTO
Milk-Bone biscuit e.g. 5 letters TREAT
Is worth doing 4 letters PAYS
Have a sudden inspiration? 4 letters GASP
Conk out 3 letters DIE
Teensy amount 4 letters IOTA
Convention giveaways 4 letters SWAG
One may have 365 pages 8 letters CALENDAR
Machu ___ 6 letters PICCHU
Disgusting to a kid 4 letters ICKY
Malcolm X director Spike 3 letters LEE
Spine-tingling 5 letters EERIE
D.C.’s National ___ 4 letters MALL
Earhart in aviation history 6 letters AMELIA
Province next to New Brunswick 10 letters NOVASCOTIA
Person to entertain 5 letters GUEST
Iliad war god 4 letters ARES
___ about (circa) 4 letters ONOR
Like marijuana in California 5 letters LEGAL
Pittsburgh Penguins’ org. 3 letters NHL
Monica’s brother in Friends 4 letters ROSS
Name within carrottop 4 letters OTTO
Anything else? 10 letters AREYOUDONE
Addition results 4 letters SUMS
Home of L.A. and La. 3 letters USA
Final Four org. 4 letters NCAA
Cook like scallops 4 letters SEAR
Web addresses 4 letters URLS
Don’t think so 3 letters NAH
One-eighty 5 letters UTURN
Arboreal amphibian 8 letters TREEFROG
Sturdy source of shade 3 letters ELM
List for a meeting 6 letters AGENDA
Salad oil holders 6 letters CRUETS
King or Donkey follower 4 letters KONG
Potato-processing gizmo 5 letters RICER
Worker who receives many promotions informally? 5 letters ADREP
Break in relations 4 letters RIFT
___ prof. 4 letters ASST
Greeting in Sydney 4 letters GDAY
Chaplin of the upcoming Avatar 2 4 letters OONA
What fruit eventually does 4 letters ROTS
Roth ___ 3 letters IRA
Floor cleaner 3 letters MOP

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